2018 WNY-SCCA auto-x (Ralph Wilson Stadium & Seneca Army Depot) Schedule


Next one is in 10 days. Knock out your maintenance excuse this weekend.


Thinking about selling my Miata (NB) if anyone is interested for this! :lol:


I also previously owned that one. It was actually in really, really good shape when I sold it a couple of years back. Clean as a whistle. Needed a valve cover gasket around then and that’s about it. Wouldn’t be a bad pickup for anyone.


Thanks Josh! Yup, already replaced that since it had a very slight weep.


how much?


For Miata or event? If Miata, please PM me so this thread doesn’t get cluttered.


Bump, because bragging about a magazine skid pad testing your car up to 1.0g and then never driving your car hard enough to even hear tire squeal is kinda lame.



Sat April 23 - Test and Tune/Novice School @ Ralph Wilson Stadium
Sun April 24 - Event 1 @ Ralph Wilson Stadium

Sun June 19 - Event 2 @ Ralph Wilson Stadium

Sun July 17 - Event 3 @ Ralph Wilson Stadium

AUGUST -TBD pending NFL schedule @ Ralph Wilson Stadium

SEPTEMBER -TBD pending NFL schedule @ Ralph Wilson Stadium

OCTOBER -TBD pending NFL schedule (Champagne Run) @ Ralph Wilson Stadium


I’m going to give this a go although i’m sure to be one of the slowest cars there…


:tup: to novice school before event 1.

If anyone is interested in trying this out the novice school is a great idea. You’ll get a ton of seat time and I guarantee you’ll be much quicker by the end of the day than when you started.


I almost want to get out there in the mustang. I mean I have the Bmw. But something is pulling me towards trying this in the mustang.


If you are bringing the ATS you will not be the slowest car there. Unfortunately it would be classified as FS (index time based on 400+hp wide tire M3)?, but so is my car (base model 325i), and my car is slower than a 3.6 ATS and still fast enough to get 1st in novice if I were competing there.

I’m lending my car to two co-workers for novice school.


I plan on attending some this season…and bringing friends.


No you are an idiot the 3.6 ATS would be classed as BS. But still should be able to lay better times than you P.O.S. bmw.



I want to do this!


Any idea what the G8 would be clasified as? I browsed through the rulebook but couldnt quite narrow it down. i seen that its in the FS when stock, not sure what the supercharger does to that…




Don’t get hung up with the rules and classes at the regional level.

So going by the results from last year you’d go against stuff like STI’s with mods, and a Turbo FR-S, and a Dodge Colt.


Thanks! I’ll be there, most likely not with the wifeys ATS…


I just discovered these today:


No, we don’t do a skid pad. This is theoretical and practical stuff, not how an event is ran.


I am NOT puttin shoe polish on my tires!:nerd: