2018 WNY-SCCA auto-x (Ralph Wilson Stadium & Seneca Army Depot) Schedule


I think i might try this out finally.


Is there on-line registration that’s going to be available? I found the events listing on Motorsport Reg (note that the WNY-SCCA site still links to the 2015 season), but it doesn’t look like I can register. I’d like to sign up for the novice school event.


We used to simply use chalk back in the day…


up now: http://www.motorsportreg.com/events/wny-scca-novice-school-test-tune-ralph-wilson-stadium-western-new-york-118729#.VvqtL-IrKWg

Event Fees:

Members: $35

Non-Members: $45

If you will be attending both days:

Members: $55 (save $15!)

Non-Members: $65 (save $25!)

*** NOTE: We are not accepting online payments at this time. Please pay at registration at the event. Cash or CC accepted. ***




Oh man, I haven’t been on this board in a loooong time. Do people still post here?


One more question: how long is the solo school on Saturday? My main reason for asking is that I have to work at 4pm.


It will probably be done by 3:30, but you can leave early. Usually by 1:00 the “learning” part is done, and you are just trying to go faster and faster.


Is there a school for every event or just the first? Not sure if my car will be ready by then


The “school” is just once a year. But every event will have instructors on hand to help you out. You will just get a lot more seat time at the school.


Ahh alright I figured, thanks for the quick reply. I’ll see if I can push stuff around to make it then, could def use the school since it would be my first time


So another couple questions, def a noob at this.
Class- I’m assuming my car would be in SM, it has basically full bolt-ons, tune, etc. If someone can confirm that would be great.
Also, what do we need to bring, wear, how to prep car, some basics/tips anyone has would be great. I’ve been reading up a bit online but could use the help.


Your will be in SM, but you’ll generally run your first year in Novice class which kind of just lumps you against other novice drivers regardless of class (while still adjusting for PAX). Don’t stress the details in novice class and regionally.

I’d bring some way to get air in your tires, a decent tire pressure gauge, some painters’ tape to toss some numbers on your car, a torque wrench to check your lugs, some water bottles for yourself and maybe some snacks in case there’s a shorter lunch. Also, some Hoosiers if you happen to have some laying around because SM ;).

I am far from good so take my advice with a grain of salt, but I just recommend educating yourself on basic racing lines and driving techniques. The YouTube video series posted earlier in the thread is very old but generally still very accurate if you watch it through the episodes. I recommend coming out on Saturday and not just Sunday to get some extra seat time - none of what you read will make any real sense until you get some seat time. Say hi, I’ll be there with a blue C7 Corvette.


Cool thanks that helps, I def planned on coming Saturday first. My wheel/tire setup isn’t ideal right now lol but should be better by the 2nd or 3rd event.
I’ll also def be watching some youtube videos over the next few days as well. I’ll be in a black evox with a big wing and will be sure to say hi


I want to but i drive back from florida sat/sun. We will see…


One last question, I have a shoei rf1100 helmet I use for my bike, is that ok to use?


I’d check http://cdn.growassets.net/user_files/scca/downloads/000/011/658/2016_Solo_helmet_cert_decals_2.pdf?1450109868 first to make sure. Some M helmets are approved for auto-x but I don’t have the rules memorized for them as SA helmets are more common. As per your tire/wheel setup - fuck it honestly. Just learn to race on what you have.


Thanks for that. Looks like I have one final year left on my helmet.


Before I go off on a tangent, first, and most importantly don’t worry about classing, don’t worry about PAX time, don’t worry about how good you do in Novice class based on a multiplier.

Look at your raw time, pick out a similar car and compare yourself to it’s raw time. From event to event pick out a couple cars from the PRO class, you may gauge yourself 5 seconds behind in the first event and then 2 seconds behind after some experience.

I’m assuming Evo X in your sig? If your tune alters your boost then it would be SM. You are allowed to modify an Evo X and end up in a lower class, STU, which allows suspension, some bolt ons and tune, but must retain stock boost:


Thanks everyone for the help so far, I will have to check my helmet later when I get home then.
I’m def more concerned with getting some quality seat time and experience. Looks like it’s sm from the mods/tune since it’s more than stock boost