2018 WNY-SCCA auto-x (Ralph Wilson Stadium & Seneca Army Depot) Schedule


Pre-register, even if you are on the fence about going, you don’t pay until you show up and check in on site.


This event is pending if I can get cash in hand:

Saturday July14th. T&T / informal Novice school.

Seat time, seat time, seat time. We are planning on holding a Saturday event with very limited spots. Unfortunately less spots means we need more money per person to cover site / sanctioning / and insurance fess and because of the risk of people backing out this needs to be paid in advance with no refunds (but you can resell your spot).

Format will be:
• 11 am -11:45 registration/tech,
• 11:45 drivers meeting
• 30 minute run / 30 minute work / 20 minute tune (for those that want to make adjustments) 1:20
• 30 minute run / 30 minute work / 20 minute tune (for those that want to make adjustments) 2:40
• 30 minute run / 30 minute work / 20 minute tune (for those that want to make adjustments) 4:00
• This should get us to an ending time just after 4 pm
• The main course will be in our “regular” lot, just shorter for more runs.
• “Skid pad” on the “hill” lot (similar to a fundamental course we ran at ECCC-N, no course workers maybe partner up?, driver sets up down cones)
• Main course is cold during 20 minute tune, “skid pad” is hot at all times

Cost is dependent on how many drivers we get, need to “raise” ~$1250 IN ADVANCE:
• Min 20 drivers = $60/70
• 25 drivers = $50/60
• Max 30 drivers = $45/55
• Non-members +$10
• No refunds unless the goal of 20 drivers minimum is not met.
• You may sell spot to other drivers if you can’t make it.
• I want to “raise” the money in cash vs. motorsportsreg as it will be easier to do “flexible pricing”. Initially everyone pays $60/70 and I’ll handle the money and “flexible pricing based on entrants” and refund the difference accordingly.
• I will start to bum money at Event 3 (this Sunday) and hopefully by the end of the day we will have reached the goal (bring extra moneys I’ll announce at drivers meeting).

There is no guarantee of how many runs you will get, but I would expect with 20 drivers 20+ runs is possible and with 30 drivers 15+ runs is possible.


So, with this rain coming today around 11, will that effect car count? Or does everyone still show up regardless?


It’s still fun in the rain, and it’ll help you learn the limits of your car in bad weather :+1:


I actually had my fastest run in the slight drizzle and was in 1st place for about 20 minutes, lol. That damn Porsche Cayman had to ruin my fun. I had a freaking blast though! $45 for 7 runs plus a crazy ride along with fairgentleman Z who is one hell of a wheelman! He took my girlfriend for a lap after the event was over, and she was shitting herself, lol.

I ended up 2nd out of 17 in my class. I thought my car would have grip for days, but that wasn’t the case at all. I could get it to slide coming out of every corner, and slid wayyyyyy out on my last run. I only hit 1 cone, and was in the top 5 pretty much all day. I’m sure having a Z/28 helped but it’s not really in it’s element on a shorter twisty track like an autocross. I just kept working on my braking and trying not to go so wide into the corners.

I’ll be in for the next one in July so long as nothing comes up. I’ll try to bring a few other people as well. Thanks again Jeremy!


This is the run where I set my fastest time and got into 1st place briefly.

It was a 47.317


We run rain or shine, but take breaks for lightning. The weather forecast help it knocked 98 pre-registered down to 63 attendees… so more runs for us. (7) regular runs + (2) $2 fun runs at the end.

I ran a 46.773 with three adult passengers on my first run :slight_smile: . But all heckling aside, 47.3 is a good first outing, if it makes you feel any better Lee Ann and Travis accidentally ran the wrong numbers all day, so you didn’t lose to a chick.

Some novices were still going off course at the end of the day, so it’s nice when someone new comes along and gets it right away.

I guess I didn’t post this before but for Novice we no longer use PAX and just use raw time. It’s easier to split them into (2) run groups of NS Novice Street (Stock, no mods), and NM Novice Mod, (some mods). Most of the Novices only care about raw time, and if they are really concerned about PAX then they can come out of Novice.


I’m in for the next one. Anyone else going???


I finally have the camaro ready to run so hopefully ill see you there.


What kind of Camaro is it?


1994 Z/28


Good fit for the CAM class. My friend Rich is running in there with his '93 T/A.


I’ll be in Novice Modified for the next event. Just finishing up fine tuning the car. Still trying to fix the split afr between banks but found out whoever put the headers on cross threaded all 6 bolts on the drivers side and threaded them all the way in. I tried chasing the threads but they are to far gone. Looks like the heads are getting work done this winter. I put in a thicker gasket that seems to be holding hopefully it will last the season.


Have you done an autocross before? I’m very new to it myself.


Yeah i did twice in my v6 mustang. Its a lot of fun and you really can learn the limit of your car.


Related to you guys talking about Camaros and Auto-x, this is kinda odd:

So he just goes over a curb and the side airbags go off. Looks like nothing else. Maybe the computer thought the car was going to flip? I wonder if there is a way to disable this?


Pretty sure there is no way to disable it. Obviously he hit something significant. It’s very common for modified cars to alarm “OnStar” when they start pulling serious g’s at the track.

Back to the topic, I went to the Seneca Army Depot on Sunday just to spectate. There were 23 cars pre-registered, but around 75-100 showed up to race. It rained pretty damn hard too. Didn’t look like any fun out there at all once the skies opened up. But the track was much longer than at New Era, and certainly favored cars with higher hp. It looked like some of the cars were hitting 60-70mph.


1 week away bump!!!

Who’s going?


Is there a Cars & Coffee on the same day? :thinking:


Yes unfortunately. No way to do both, unless you just spectate at the race.