2019 WNY-SCCA auto-x (Ralph Wilson Stadium & Seneca Army Depot) Schedule

It’s all 2nd gear for most of the cars there.

I have a friend registered with a bad ass Z06, carbon brakes, big tires etc. For the next New Era event.

Went to my first ever National event. Not really an Autocross crowd as it was only domestics. Was held at the new UMI Motorsports Park facility in PA. You had to register back in February to get in. It sold out in 2 days. $125 per racer and included a guest. 2 days of Autocross an open house at their manufacturing facility, food/beverage area, car show, etc. Some of the cars were rockets and the course had them flying at the finish. I’m guessing 110+ mph. They kept announcing guys like Fitch and Strano who were the fastest. You could go to the tent and sign a waiver and you’d get in line to go for a full throttle run in their cars.

Next pic is my friend Rich, he’s on here as Scarfache or something. He was in 5th near the end but got bumped to 9th out of like 24.

Next pic is the Strano car. This car is unbelievably fast:

Teaser video to show how fast some of the guys were going through the finish line:



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We are having a Test & Tune / novice school / a lot of repetitive runs not to be taken seriously on Saturday. LATE START.

"A chance to run a course with sample elements repeatedly in order to work on specific skills. Instructors will be available to help you go faster. Entry limit is 40, in order to provide as many runs as you and your car can handle.

Novice School / Test & Tune:

A chance to run a course with sample elements repeatedly in order to work on specific skills. Instructors will be available to help you go faster. Entry limit is 40, in order to provide as many runs as you and your car can handle.

* DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for the cleaning bill if you get too many runs and you get sick in your car.

* Registration/Tech between 11-12
* Runs from 12-4ish
* Event Fees:
* Members: $20
* Non-Members: $30

*** NOTE: We are not accepting online payments at this time. Please pay at registration at the event. Cash or CC accepted. ***"

Because it is limited spots on register only if you are going, otherwise you block someone else from going.

This will probably be the last race at Seneca Lake until the track gets fixed. There was a spot of sealer coming up that got progressively worse as the day went on. Still had a great time with the WNY designed course! Won my class, but I wasn’t happy with my driving. I was trying to be within 2 seconds of Bill Hunter. He’s very fast in his 1LE. I usually get faster as the day goes on but this wasn’t the case. My best run was my 3rd run. We got 8 total woot! 4 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. I’m still too tentative in the slalom, leaving my car too much room on each side. Here’s a few vids. the in-car is my best run, the outside GoPro is one of my last runs that’s 3 tenths slower.

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It was a long time ago but the last time I ran there they used the part of the runway to the south that looks like a “P” on the satellite image. Made for a really fun and longer than usual course. 42 seconds in a novice car seems like a really short course for all the room they have at Seneca. Guessing the problems with the paving had something to do with it?

The fastest “car” that ran was like a 39.994 or something. Most of the faster guys were around 41-41.5. I liked the course. I don’t need a 70 second course to have fun. We got 8 runs in instead of the usual 6 which made it nice. Plus less areas for cones to topple over makes for a smoother event. The last event there that I was at was a joke.

Saturday I set up a 27 sec course, with about 25-30 runs. Everyone had a super terrible time.

Only 6 days away from the next New Era event. I’m bringing a few new faces. PS, on Saturday the day before, one of the best local car shows is happening. The Rally at the Ridge.

Brought Choda out to co-drive with me and we went 1-2 today. Actually we went 1-2-3 because he talked our friend Brian into doing it as well. Brian has never owned any performance car in his life so he did what any early 40’s year old would do. He bought a Watkins Glen edition GS Corvette and dove right in. He went from being super timid in the beginning to attacking the course near the end. Tons of help from all of the instructors too! We had a blast!

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Dale Kunze memorial run this Sunday.


104 pre-registered!

Weather looks great. Should be a fun event!

Ended up being a great turnout despite the weather. The rain stopped and the track was fairly wet but it cleaned up ok towards the end. I was in the first run group so we were the guinea pigs to push away the standing water lol. It was still a blast though. The course was great as usual. An amazing photographer was there and took about 1500 shots of us. Ended the season with a win and a bottle of champagne. Here’s my fastest run:


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I was in the area but couldn’t stop by. There were several cars driving around with numbers marked on their sides, so I knew you guys ended up running :+1:

I hadn’t been in this thread in a while and man it hit me like a truck of bricks when I read “Dale Kunze Memorial Run”. No idea Dale had passed. Such a great guy and was always helpful to me when I was starting out in autocross.


He didn’t pass, he just moved away. But the important thing is that you remember him.

…and actually putting together the schedule right now…


@Onyx_Z32 There use to be unlimited edit time in the Motorsports sub forum, but I can’t edit first post.

Event 1 - New Era Field - 4/14/19 - http://msreg.com/wnyscca2019-1

Test & Tune 1 - Seneca Army Depot - 6/1/19 - http://msreg.com/wnyscca2019-tnt1

Event 2 - Seneca Army Depot - 6/2/19 - http://msreg.com/wnyscca2019-2

Novice School - New Era Field - 6/15/19 - http://msreg.com/wnyscca2019-noviceschool

Event 3 - New Era Field - 6/16/19 - http://msreg.com/wnyscca2019-3

Event 4 - New Era Field - 7/7/19 - http://msreg.com/wnyscca2019-4

Test & Tune 2 - Seneca Army Depot - 7/20/19 - http://msreg.com/wnyscca2019-tnt2

Event 5 - Seneca Army Depot - 7/21/19 - http://msreg.com/wnyscca2019-5

Yeah I’ll see if I can change that edit time. In the mean time I’ve edited the first post for you :+1:

LOL… that’s great to hear.

Despite the less than optimal conditions I was pretty impressed with the turnout this past Sunday! Were 104 or 105 pre-registered, and on race day I think there were 70 that showed up? Still had a blast even though I was super slow all day.

Test & Tune Saturday, and based on pre-reg, looks like it is going to turn into fun runs / hot lapping:

12:00 registration & tech, 1:00 drivers meeting, about (3) 30 minute sessions. Very informal, we’ll have timing lights going, you record your time, tell me who won at the end and I’ll give you a trophy.