2019 WNY-SCCA auto-x (Ralph Wilson Stadium & Seneca Army Depot) Schedule


I got 7 runs, had ride-a-longs on 6 of them.

I more local event to cap off the year. October 6th, Sunday. You can watch the Bills on TV the rest of the year. Come on out and have some fun. I’ll be giving rides all day, assuming the weather is good.

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This looks like a blast! Would it be okay to bring my neon r/t here? (srs)

Yes! Run Novice Stock if it’s bone-stock or Novice Modified if it has any work done to it.

Its modified but I’ve never raced anything so I’d probably be best in bone stock. It’s off the road so I’d have to trailer it. I’ll pull it out of the garage today and take it around the block. Hasn’t been started since 2017. If not, I can prep it over winter for next yeae

Don’t you have a Viper? Bring that.

I would love to but I’ve never raced anything or anywhere in my life, I feel like without some experience and what to expect I would wreck it.

define “wreck it”

How could you wreck it at an autocross? The whole point of autocross is to be able to race in a safe environment. There’s nothing to hit except a rubber/plastic cone. There’s literally 1 obstacle at New Era Field, a somewhat tight guard rail section, but every course is laid out so you’re going perfectly straight through it. Bring the Viper!

Last local one of the year.

I’m here trying this out, brought my White 10th gen Si.

I just saw this now, most events I do instructing but this one I spent all my time micro managing the rental. I was the guy in the Optimus Prime shirt talking / yelling.

Was this your first event? Questions / comments / complaints / recommendations / concerns.

It was my first AX ever. I’m completely hooked now. Was already searching for a rear sway bar and better tires as my factory Goodyear sport all seasons were definitely not up to task. Anthony rode with me the first 2 runs and definitely got me going. Went from 50sec first run to 45 the 2nd and chomped at that to eventually get a best of 44.4. My only complaint was I could not hear announcements from where my car was in the paddock. Event is very well organized. Will definitely be back next year.

You did really good! The guy in first has a few events under his belt, and the car is probably prepped very well. His Mom drives it in the Pro class. The car in second is a beast of a car and that guy also has a few events under his belt. Get an extra set of wheels this winter and some dedicated Auto-x tires. Chris and Dave drive the same car and they are on another level. Chris ran some low 38’s which is just nuts. So you know that the car has the capability in it. There’s still events out there in other regions if you feel like traveling. PA, OH still have about a month left.

Any back story on the 3000gt? I would not have thought that to be a good autox car.

I’ve already been shopping hahah

I think that the times reflect that statement. The Scimes know the rules, so at 46.5 I would assume that it is stock (or very close).

For reference, an automatic Chevy Cruze on all seasons was an easy 45.0s car, with the top guys getting it into the low 43s.

Start with tires and just getting better. If you’re going to mod the car study the rule book and make sure you mod it fully for the class you want to drive in or you’re just handicapping yourself. Slapping on just a swaybar will bump you out of stock and into a class where the other cars likely have every mod allowed for that class.

Stock has had an allowance for a sway bar at least since 2002 (and probably earlier).

I was gonna say, the civic in first had tires and a rear sway bar. The 2 things I was looking to change up.