Anyone end up investing in Bitcoins?

haha not yet, but up a nice bit. Not pulling out though. No where near fuck you money.

Facebook coin…

It’s going to be an interesting ride. Picking up some more pogs come payday.

Anyone going to buy Libra? I mean, other than grandparents & new mom’s…

This will get more people comfortable with the crypto space and bring in billions of dollars.

Let’s go trillion dollar marketcap!!!

Bought some more pogs today, a little BTC and a lil XRP.

Wooooooo baby

They’re saying it’ll be pegged to existing currency somehow. Whitewater to come, but I’m not sure if this can be really classified as crypto currency in the classic sense. It sounds more like FB as a country starting their own form of money.

I agree. I believe they’re going to use a similar model as tether if they plan to make it a stable-coin

$9300. When it hits 10K that’s when the public FOMO kicks in. Hold onto yEr nutsax fellas.

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Yep, back to making money in crypto again, lol.

FB announces their Libra tomorrow.

Same here, back in profit zone. TO THE MOON! LAMBO! LOL

“If you buy $50 of Libra, your $50 makes its way to the Libra Reserve,” said Marcus. “It’s designed to be stable and confer values on Libra that makes it more like a traditional currency than any of the digital currencies are now. This is the way paper money was created.”

Down the line, Marcus anticipates Facebook will offer other financial services, such as loans, from which it could profit: “If the network is successful, it will be a big opportunity for us to provide lending to all these consumers,” he said.

Facebook’s larger goal is to get people to spend more time on its platforms.

Also Ripple just invested 50 million into Moneygram, causing their stock to triple. I’m increasing both my BTC & XRP position, I want to get to one full BTC, then I will continue with my XRP.


What just happened? Also approaching 1 BTC over here :smiley:

“To Whitney Tilson, founder of Empire Financial Research and a former hedge-fund manager, Bitcoin is “exhibit A” in the lexicon of “scams that enrich insiders at the expense of average folks.”

“Don’t get fooled by the dead-cat bounce this year,” Tilson said in comments last week. “Mark my words: A year from now, it will be a lot lower. This is a techno-libertarian pump-and-dump scheme that will end in ruin.”

No point in arguing! @Motocrossx23 Only time will tell what happens :slight_smile:

above $13,500 today… whoa

need the alt coins to follow suit though.

Back down to 11.5! Hold on!!

Something to watch:

The more players in the space the better! Ever since Ripple teamed up with Moneygram, my moneygram stocks are up 350%