Bugatti hits 300+

I still think the koenigsegg is faster 200-250 and that’s not even their most powerful car.

I’m not trying to knock their achievement but IIRC this is a modified version that isn’t available for purchase? Article is not working for me at the moment.

If so, there’s already been another tuner shop that his 300+ with their FGT.

Still impressive. But I was assuming it was a stock Bugatti before I read the article.

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It’s supposed to be a version that’ll be for sale in a future, or at least components of it.

I just want koenigsegg to use their regera to its full potential.

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Right? I’d love to see what the Regera could do on a test like this, but I image VW AG has deeper pockets.

I didn’t realize this wasn’t stock. Awesome accomplishment but I want to see a stock car achieve the 300+mph spot. Personally want Koenigsegg to do it as I absolutely love then. I’ve never been a fan of the looks of the current Bugatti’s. The Chiron looks sweet from the front but that side view with the C shape… not a fan at all.

this is more tire tech than anything, right?

I guess they are the same ones koenigsegg had when they set the Guinness record. Michelin did some serious r&d.

I would agree with tire tech but also probably some good aerodynamics as well. I’d imagine it takes a good amount of work to keep that car safely planted.

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Not that you’d want to see it happen to someone, but I’d love to see the impacts a tire popping/breaking apart would have on a car at that speed. It’s crazy to think we’ve reached a point where we can produce enough power to hit 300+ mph out of a production car but now in order to progress past that, we need new tech in tires.

Aero is definitely a huge part of it. I remember way back when I sub’d to Car and Driver and Csaba Csere and Lingenfelter took a modified Firebird to Bonneville for some 200+ runs. At 220 it lifted off, did a backflip and slid to a stop on it’s roof. Can’t find any video but I remember the issue all those years ago with the pics of it going vertical. Lingenfelter mentions it on Facebook.

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That’s really cool. (Don’t have sound on so not sure what they are saying but I can see the testing being done) Still want to see the tire explode. Time to start googling. haha

Well right, I’d figure that but that’s been done for some time as far as I’m concerned. Wind tunnel testing has come a long way. Tires however, you have a point where they are stuck trying to make something that will succeed for over that 300mph mark and not deteriorate.

I think at some point manufactures start making personal racing drones. No tire limitations…


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They will sell 300 of the Chiron Super Sports 300+ @ a price of $3.5M+

3.5 to go 300mph with a warranty ain’t a bad deal

And when that comes out, then Bugatti should go for the 300+mph run. Till then, it’s still a fight for the first stock production car to reach 300+mph.

I’d prefer to just get a Koenigsegg since you can’t really do 300mph anywhere unless you have Bugatti’s test track. haha

It would be cool to see a tuner shop mod this to go even faster.