Cannonball Record Falls

It’s entertaining that this is the front page story on

Not that Healthcare, economy, wars, or anything else are important :lol:


Slick Shoes.

I read somewhere that they averaged around 100mph during this. Averaging triple digits across the entire country without getting caught is a miracle.

no it’s a 5.5 V8, if 2003+ it’s supercharged 500/500. same as E55 and SL55.

CL65 is TT V12.

technology ftw

This would help a bit too;

In Pennsylvania, they tapped the first of many scouts, one of Bolian’s acquaintances who drove the speed limit 150 to 200 miles ahead of the CL55 and warned them of any police, construction or other problems.

I am shocked to see that their highest speed reached was not significantly higher. I also would not want a small engine turbo car for a endurance trip like that for reliability reasons.

That’s great for construction and accidents but a car going through 150+ miles ahead of you hardly gives you an all clear when it comes to speed traps.

normally if cops are doing a speed trap they tend to do the same spot over and over for a while.

maybe the next attempt will have a drone flying a couple miles ahead :slight_smile:

5.4L V8 with a supercharger. Same thing as the E55 just in the CL frame, which is the 4 seat coupe.

The record is now 27 hours and 25 min:

At least two dozen attempts are known to have been made by others since the last record was set in 2013, but only one managed to break 30 hours. Toman, Tabbutt and Chadwick succeeded not just in breaking a record many people thought would be difficult or impossible to break. They utterly destroyed it, making the trip in less than 27 and a half hours.

“Oh, nobody’s gonna ever beat that.” And then someone does. That’s what people said when David Diem and Doug Turner set a 32-hour, 7-minute record in 1983, and again when Alex Roy and Dave Maher raised the bar to 31 hours and 4 minutes in 2006. No-can-do was definitely the tone when Ed Bolian and Dave Black screamed across the country in 28 hours and 50 minutes in 2013, a record that stood until now.

Couple great VINWiki vids about it.

This is pretty sweet and congrats to them, but I’m wondering how law enforcement isn’t all over these people. Only thought I have is that claiming a speed and actually showing the speed on camera are where the difference is in them having evidence against you.

What is law enforcement going to do? Have you ever been given a speeding where on an unspecified time and date, at an unspecified location, you were going an unspecified speed?

look at all the youtubers who do pulls on public roads, showing streets, speeds etc. nothing comes of it.

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I recall this guy being arrested without them actually catching him in the act, just basing off the video.

yea he was arrested, and decided a misdemeanor wasn’t worth the hassle so he left and went back to canada, such a small crime we wouldn’t pursue it. statute of limitation on misdemeanor’s are 2 years. so all in all he got nothing out of the whole thing except for some $$

for the most part for the police to go after a youtube video it has to be pretty bad and blatant for them to track down who you are and prove that you 100% did something wrong.

all of my videos are filmed in mexico anyway, so yea…just putting that out there

Generally it’s not worth law enforcement time and resources unless there is a crash resulting in serious injury. If it gets enough attention though they could go after them. There’s more than enough evidence in the videos and interviews to tie the car and the people to a specific date/time, at which point it’s just a matter of going over traffic surveillance videos. It’s rare though, and this is already out of the mainstream news so I doubt anything ever happens.

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