Cars & Coffee @ Eastern Hills Mall [Next Date: August 19th]


I’m trying to stay away from pay to play as much as possible, that presents theadded work of manning the door the entirety of the event, and collecting themoney, making change, etc. I like the charitable aspect and have a few thoughtson how we can still work this in for the new year. Very few of the hundreds ofC&C worldwide charge admission, if we can eliminate the 1-2% of problematicattendees before using this option, I think it would be better for everyone.

As far as the parking goes, like a few people have added above, sectioned offparking would provide a good avenue for grouping the cars. This also presents aclear and unmistakable designated area which should cut down on self selection/ policing. If all American cars park in this section, and all euros park here,if said yellow Integra parks in the row with Porsches or Mustangs, everyonewill clearly know they are breaking the written guidelines (assuming signs areposted).

As to Ian’s point, I am very okay with volunteers helping out. As much as Ilove getting to the event at 6:45 to haul all the ropes, cones, cement blocksand signs around, I would be happy to delegate some responsibilities to otherslending a hand. Whether it be standing at the gate providing directionalassistance, or taking the ropes down at the end, “many hands make forlight work”

On a side note, I received a call from Alfa Romeo USA who is going to be putting up a display at our season opener as well. Since Easter is the Third Sunday, our season opener this year will be April 23rd.

Here is a preliminary parking lot design I had drafted up with the help of @2TurboZ



Happy to help make this event something enjoyable for all attendees and spectators.

The goal is to allow all enthusiasts the opportunity to participate, but keep some discretion available in needed times.

Looking forward to a great first event and wonderful season.


I’ll probably pop into a few of these. Pretty cool stuff from my experiences.


Will there be a separate area reserved for all your cars?


What if my Mustang self identifies as a Porsche?

No car brand equality?

What kind of America is this???






Damn sucks a lot of these will coincide with the AutoX events. Really wanted to work on my car photo skills at these and see more great cars :frowning:


This came across my desk yesterday from a few people, I normally wouldn’t even give this guy the satisfaction of a response, but I figured it would be best to end this before April even starts. I don’t know who he is, or why he thinks that this would be a logical thing to do, but if you know who it is, let him know he is hurting a lot more people than just me and the“rich pansies” he appears to dislike quite a bit. I put up a larger post addressing this on the FB page, but wanted to share it here because NYspeed seems to have members and connections everywhere.

Any assistance is appreciated, I don’t think we’ll have any issues that the Sheriff can’t deal with come our opener.

See everyone on the 23[SUP]rd[/SUP].


Always some asshat who has to ruin it for everyone. Probably one of the bunch from OP that got us kicked out of there in the first place.

PS- I have a rice mobile and it’s not me!


lol. I wouldn’t worry much about this guy, he looks harmless. And he’s in Rochester.


Sick LZ on him.


Actually part of this was my fault…He was posting about how cars and coffee sucks because its not for all cars including daily driver and how exotic cars sucks and baited me(and others) into an argument which spurred this.

We explained there are tons of other car shows/meets/cruises/etc all summer and that cars and coffee is generally for nicer cars and exotics and not really a daily driver meet.


Having a “door man” worked great in Texas, just do the same thing.

Oh sorry, our Shitbox section is down the road 3 miles that way.


A week out! Still showing rain but hopefully that changes once it gets closer


This weekend’s forecast was rain all weekend. Spot on.


I’m excited for it!


Curious, is my fathers stock 03 S2000 with 36k miles on it worthy of parking in the lot?


my car definitely isnt.

p.s. get your car out of my garage :wink:


Alright, you talked me into it.