Cars & Coffee @ Eastern Hills Mall [Next Date: Oct 21st]


Nice shots! Was a warm one for sure, I fully support a 60 degree October meet; coffee will taste even better when it’s not 85 degrees


I’m 100% okay with hoodie and jeans, top down weather.


Curious, on FB, someone comment that some people acted like real jack asses again. Any word?


A few people were taking off down Transit fast but I didn’t notice too much. It was super hot so many people left early


There was one drag-setup something or other from yesteryear that did a burnout. The crowd wasn’t impressed.


Thank you. Someone was saying burnouts in the parking lot. Figured the dipshit with the demon showed back up. haha


There was a Demon there. Was dark gray or black. I couldn’t remember. I did see a bunch of idiots doing LAME burnouts as they were leaving.