Cars & Coffee @ Eastern Hills Mall


Based on what Mr New York gets paid for his time invested to organize an event that we all can enjoy by just showing up, there should be ZERO backlash on who he selected as a sponsor, regardless. I’ve seen companies I don’t like at events either but I simply don’t go near them.


What’s better than taking his money? :smiley:


Not letting him use cars and coffee for a venue to rip of new unsuspecting groups of people.

We have a facebook racing group where every month someone new pops up who got screwed over by JnJ because either they didn’t know better or decided not to listen and give it a go to save a couple bucks.


I have already saved 3 corvette owners from him on the vette forum…


Either way, I will be there enjoying the first event of the season.

If you want to “blame” Mr. New York for not doing his research, then you should also be “blaming” those that still go to him and need “saving” if the information is so readily available.


My plan as well…


Would NYSpeed run a banner ad for J&J if he offered to be an advertiser?


Should be a big turnout, I be bringing something new hopefully


Hell no.


I don’t think we ever defined trailer parking.


For context, he was the only vendor we allowed to pay 50% up front and the remaining 50% after 6 months. We never did get the other half.


Thank you to those who called/texted/emailed/messaged me regarding their concerns. I’ve made the decision to revoke sponsorship from J&J. Towne BMW will fill the sponsorship spot and will be joining us Sunday. Looking forward to seeing everyone for a hopefully calm season opener.


I would have loved to hear how that revoke convo went with JnJ. Hoping to make one this year on a trip back!


Towne BMW sounds way better, especially if you’re looking to attract a higher end crowd. :tup:


Speaking of higher end crowd…would my Miata be turned away this sunday?

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All quality cars are welcome. Free of damage, missing body panels, etc.


@Mr_New_York along the lines of what @Paul_B asked, did you ever decide on a plan to section off groups of cars?


Sounds good! No body damage, just 27 year old character dents. Thanks!

If i get turned away thats ok lol

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I think he’s leaning towards the drift missiles that I saw often at the OP venue with missing bumpers and covered in obscene stickers. Your junk should be just fine.