Cars & Coffee @ Eastern Hills Mall


wish i could have made it out. heard it was amazing.

where can i go to see pics of it?


Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication Matt. Not everyone knows the planning and countless hours you put into these events.

You never personally are able to walk around and enjoy the show. You also get plenty of rude patrons that you turn away from the event; personally I’m not sure why you do it but you keep a calm collective head in the process.

To be honest I don’t think anyone else can pull these events off as smoothly as you can. Thank you!



Agree with all of this. Nice job Matt! Huge turnout and excellent weather. Also props for handling the entrance process so well. We were all ready to have your back with Mr.Forester guy lol. It was nice to see some people making good parking decisions based on signage and common sense. Hopefully it continues that way.

The 1980 rule for trucks helped with almost all the vehicles, but there were a few that I was disappointed didn’t make it in. You probably felt the same way, but I fully understand the need to be firm in the first few this season. Overall it was a great day.


Not that it bothered me but there was one car I could not quite figure out, it was a beat 1990s Toyota Cressida(?). Not trying to be a car snob, just wondering what was up with that car.


Maybe it had a 2jz with some overnight’d parts from Japan?


@Sansone ? #fanboiiiiis


Loved the e46 323ci that snuck in with m3 fenders and badging. Also the whole hood was faded and chipping clear. 2 girls driving.


Looks/sounds like it was an awesome turnout. Bummed I was out of town for this and likely won’t make it next month either.


Not to knock the screening but I couldn’t help but notice the red Z (Z32) with the paint job like he drove into a sandblasting booth thinking it was a car wash?


Thank you to everyone that came out to support the event, and for the kind words post here the last few days. I am very glad that everything for the most part worked out well. As we saw last year the first even can be hectic, so I thought all in all things came off without a hitch.

There were a few vehicles that got caught in the 1980 Truck/SUV guidelines that I agree, were nicer than some of the trucks that did make it in. I am still not sure how to proceed on that, while I would like to allow a handful of older model trucks / SUVs in, I fear opening the floodgates to every other one that isn’t quite as nice. I.e the two large trucks that in towards the end. I saw a few cars had made their way in through alternative entrances so I’m going to try to close up the gaps for next month.

Also, if anyone has pictures feel free to share them in a message with the event page on FB. Personally, I am looking to see anyone snagged a picture of the original Alfa Romeo Montreal that came in super late, pissed I missed the shot.


It is just cars and coffee not Pebble Beach. You could section off Euros and Domestics or an exotic section, etc, etc, etc, but anything like that would make a big task much bigger.


I had a great time at this event. It was nice to see some familiar faces again. I guess the word it out around buffalo when you have Cambria and Croce attending. Also neat to see the Giulias on display with the Alfa reps. Seems like a great opportunity for any dealer to showcase performance or higher end cars that they have.


Or that 3rd gen eclipse with a fart can LoL still fun nonetheless.




Too funny not to embed…


[QUOTE=JayS;4681528]Too funny not to embed…

couldn’t do it from my phone, tried 3 times.


Cressida or the Aristo? Dylan’s Aristo isn’t beat though so maybe I missed something? It certainly wouldn’t have stuck out like a sore thumb.




What am I missing in the picture? Is Maserati misspelled?


It’s the covering of the j&j sponsorship because he was pulled