Cars & Coffee @ Eastern Hills Mall


It’s the covering of the j&j sponsorship because he was pulled


I believe the car in question was a toyota camry alltrac. It had historical plates on it.


Past customer most likely.




Looked for you, didn’t see you. Noticed you left your window down on your car but suppressed the urge to use it as a pranking opportunity.

This made me sad. But hey, maybe he has plans to restore it?

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Yeah it wasn’t obvious at first, but there were a few people we watched on the way out just drive under the rope line.

lol LIKED.


Last I checked I’ve never owned a domestic car, but thanks for assuming! Well since 2005 at least lol


A red circle with a line through it would have been funny.



good turn out - :tup:








510 cars at first event this year… wow.


I’ll have to remind my old man to take the Evora to the next one.



Park that shit in the weeds


That escalated quickly


Damn that will probably bring out more shit in retaliation.

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Is it bizarre to anyone else that people think they should let in?
Would these people feel the same if Matt had a party at his house?
“I wasn’t invited to his house but everyone should be let in dammit”
Absolutely bizarre to me.