Cars & Coffee @ Eastern Hills Mall


Who the hell would mod a Forester?




Drew did :lol:


Its bizarre to me that people think that their horrible looking vehicles should be automatically be allowed in because they invested $$ and time.

Im new to Cars and Coffee Buffalo scene, but seeing coverage of other Cars and Coffee from around the country you always see nice looking stuff. Maybe they dont cover the awful shit that shows up but it always seemed like an event that brought out nice clean-looking, unusual stuff. Nothing haggard.

Not C&C fault that you spent all your hard earned money and time on a beat up POS.

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Lancaster: “There are so many shitty cars at this unmanaged show!”
Cars and Coffee: “There aren’t enough shitty cars at this managed show!”


Maybe we should switch the venue to Lancaster and all will be right with the world again.


Little on the rainy side this morning, but still a nice turn out once things cleared up around 10:00. Thanks to everyone that came out and joined in.


Not sure why I like them but something like an 06 Forester with an STI conversion would be really awesome. I think probably because I have the S2000 currently that the wagon would make for a nice second car but with some nice power, handling, and AWD.


I can no longer attend. I have nothing worthy of.the event anymore.



Lies…MusTTang is awesome and you know it


Trade ya. I’ll even let you pick.


Is this going on Sunday?


No Sir.

Conflict with the venue.


figures…i can finally attend one lol



June 18th is still on their website though.


I thought I saw the info on the FB page.


There’s a car/bike show scheduled Sat at Eastern Hills with a rain date of Sunday.


So they over booked the location from what you make it sound? I thought this was locked in for every Sunday with events having to work around this. If not, that’s lame. I may actually be able to attend if its going this weekend. Seems I’ve had things scheduled every weekend this goes on.


I thought the forecast looked good both days. If the show scheduled for Saturday runs as planned, does that mean this can still take place Sunday?


Sunday C&C has been cancelled, see the June 13th post on the FB page.