Cars & Coffee @ Eastern Hills Mall


Here’s an idea, Earth shattering one I admit. Go fucking drive your cars instead of standing around like wankers in a parking lot looking at them. Plan a nice route through some nice scenery and go for a drive. I know, it will be hard not having a drone flying above, or smelling the constant aromatic berry bullshit some dude bro has in his e-cig, but I think you will be able to suffer through it. That’s why bike rallies are so much fun. You actually go ride your bikes instead of talking about riding them.


salt bae


Interestingly enough, this is exactly what the tighter-knit group involved with C&C does on the regular. Only once a month do they put on this event so the normies can drool.


Sorry I haven’t update this thread, I had missed this during the mess that has been trying to figure out what to EH decided to go rogue on me. We did have a written agreement with them to have our event every third Sunday of the month from April until October. It wasn’t brought up to me until May that we might have a scheduling concern with this other event happening Saturday, that had a rain date for Sunday. From the beginning of June onward, I was trying to work with EH management to get a firm answer on whether or not we could meet side by side the other car show in another part of the mall, and I wasn’t getting any answers. I was offered the option to move the event until the following Sunday, while also told that we still might be able to happen Sunday as regularly planned up until one week before the event. Week of, I find out that the following Sunday (This coming Sunday now) EH has a big Shelby meet happening, so we can’t use that date, and we also cannot meet if the first Saturday car show needs to happen on Sunday either.

So I was left with two options, give everyone 12 hours notice that they either had plans for Father’s day morning, or the event was cancelled and to scramble and make other arrangements. So I had to make the call to cancel it and give everyone the opportunity to make actual firm plans for the holiday. I’m pissed, but I can’t do anything with the mall, they refuse to return emails or calls and I haven’t heard from them in two weeks now.


Shelby show you say…


Alot like a vette show.



Shelby drivers are generally not wearing white socks and velcro sneakers…


A lot of people have been asking about a make up event this Saturday / Sunday, so I wanted to send out a quick word that we unfortunately won’t be able to meet this weekend. The logistics to get all of various details update on one week’s time just didn’t work out. Updates to our permits, town board approval, venue approval, and insurance meant nothing was going to be moving quickly in time to get something on the calendar for either day.

With that being said, there are two July events on the calendar, the Cruise against Cancer for Roswell Park, and our regularly scheduled 3rd Sunday of the month C&C. Hopefully see some familiar faces out at both. Sorry again that we couldn’t meet this month.


is this going to be this sunday?


Website says it’s this Sunday the 16th still. I’ve added the date to the top of this thread.


See everyone Sunday, hoping the weather cooperates.


I will be at this one (first one of the year)…


Is this on for Sunday? I haven’t made it to one all summer and was hoping to go. Cannot find anything on their Facebook page or website acknowledging this date.


I am assuming so, and will be attending…might even bring my MR2 this time…


If its happening this sunday, ill make it

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Yes this sunday.


We are on for this Sunday, I’ll update the website tonight. I don’t post ahead of time on the Facebook page due to the size of the outreach, hopefully the forecasted sunshine sticks around.


Thanks to everyone that came out, I think this was the best event yet. Quality across the board was great and everything we smoothly with entering / leaving the event. Pictures will be up on our Facebook Page and website tonight.


Looks like I forgot to update the thread title! Fixed :tup:

I keep missing these… going to miss September too! :mad:

Hopefully the weather stays good though October.