Cars & Coffee @ Eastern Hills Mall


Forecast looks pleasant for this weekend, see everyone Sunday.


Thanks for the reminder.


I plan on attending


What time is this? I Need to detail the car yet.


Typically 9am start with cars leaving around 11 or so.


In :tup:


Ill try to hit this one.


That was one hell of a turnout! Great times as always :+1:t3:


Awesome time today!


For sure. Favorite whip was the vette towing a sled.


It’s for sale, buy it


yo where are the pics from these events… is there an FB group?

i cant get down there on sundays but yesterday would have been great with the weather.


Vettes only have 2 seats. Need 4.


So buy mine AND Norb’s. Problem solved.


Pictures can be found on our Facebook page “Cars and Coffee Buffalo” or by going to our website-


Really hope the weather holds out so the last one in October is a success :tup:


I meant the sled!




A Vette towing a snowmobile has 3 seats. You just need one more sled and you’ve got 4.


Good turnout as usual. Great job Matt.

I took the bike instead of the car: by Gennaro Villella, on Flickr