Cars & Coffee @ Eastern Hills Mall


That’s what I’m thinkin, at least let me see what shit buckets get in first to make a judgement call. I’ll take the Viper the first time.


May 20th official first date for this now that Eastern Hills has been purchased.

Thank you to everyone for reaching out to us over the last few weeks in regards to the recent purchase of Eastern Hills Mall by Uniland Development, we’ve been waiting to see what this meant for our event and we finally have our answers.

Starting with the good news; Cars and Coffee will continue to meet throughout 2018 at the Mall property and our event is not one of the events that is being discontinued.

For the not as great news; With this purchase we needed to come back to the table and resubmit / reapply for our special events permit once it matched up and was approved by Uniland; unfortunately this process has taken longer than we had hoped for, so we will not be able to meet in April for our season opener.

We will however be meeting for the season opener on May 20th, and look forward to seeing the Buffalo automotive community once again. (A small plus that the weather should be much more agreeable in May, and slightly warmer)



I’m not that upset about it. Gives me more time to do spring maintenance on my car :tup:


Same, this year I’m gonna fork over the 200ish$ and have the Viper professionally detailed inside and out, I miss so many damn spots lol


If I were to bring the volvo to a buffalo event, would this be the one to go to?


Just seeing this notification, and someone beat me to my post as well; Unfortunately with the mall we are being pushed back a month, however all things consider with weather, etc I am happy we are still on track to have another season. Early on in the talks before the deal was finalized it was not looking like we would get the thumbs up, as many of you know Uniland does not appreciate parking lot gatherings as much as we do.

I’ll post up if any new details come my way, for now though we are on for May 20th. (On a side note, I am still putting looking for the last few 2018 sponsors for those interested)


You should bring it, there are lots of different makes & models that show up. Just don’t expect to be placed / parked near the more typical cars & coffee vehicles. I usually find a spot well away from the “core” of the meet.

The event where a Volvo would definitely fit would be the Euro Car Day @ Rose Garden Grove & Restaurant.

My fingers are crossed for ya. They’re not the easiest to work with in my experience.

NYSpeed really should be sponsoring this, but at the moment all of our l00t is tied up in software changes :silent:


I wonder how many cars are going to randomly show up on Sunday April 15th?


I don’t really follow the volvo crowd. More looking to meet some nyspeed peeps.





If it stays a poop weather forecast at 53 and chance of rain I doubt too many. If it was sunny and warm out maybe.


Pushing this off another month worked out quite well, lol. This weather blows.


no doubt


Puh-puh-please stay this forecast…


LOL at thinking a forecast for 16 days from now is even worth looking at. You’d be better off flipping a coin.


Hopes and dreams. I hope that is the weather we get! Unfortunately local and national weather services have been forecasting precip with about 10% accuracy lately. It is a joke


Looking forward to this event always an interesting mix of cars and people.


ill be there in the new ride assuming weather holds up


Very cool and congrats :wink:


Bump for this coming Sunday.