Cars & Coffee @ Eastern Hills Mall


My RS7 is still “illegal” so I probably won’t be driving it. :frowning:
Thanks NYS Inspection.


Pay the fine, support your local police department! I hear you get a thin blue line sticker too.


I should be down for this. Bringing the new wheel setup on the crowd plow.


What’s not passable? Tint? If that’s all I’ll slap a sticker on it idc about tint.


Pretty sure he has monitors that won’t set. And :roll_eyes: just peeled off my tint for inspection on my truck.


There are 2 monitors that are not ready, it has been a year. WTF? Thanks NY, my car is obviously not roadworthy.


What monitors?


Can you get an exemption?


o2 and something else, maybe HRT or RHT or something like that.(?)

I think after you spend X amount of money trying to fix it you can get an exemption but it is not permanent. There is nothing to fix though, it just has not gone through it’s readiness checks from what I understand.

Sorry for going off topic in this thread.


Go do this. I know it says GM but I’m pretty sure doing this will hit all your readiness monitors. I did on the GTO and went from a freshly cleared ECU to all monitors set in about 20 minutes.


I will try it. I may have to park near a highway overnight to do it though. Trying to get to a 55mph zone without touching the brakes is easier said than done around my house. LOL


You don’t have to immediately go to 55. I did the cold start parts in my driveway and then drove through Amherst to get to the 990 to do all the 55 mph and coast down tests. I did it really early in the morning since I need to coast from 55 to 20mph.


Ahhhhhh, OK, I ass-u-med you had to do the exact sequence with no added braking etc.


It worked!!! Thanks Jay and IIRC Jeller had posted those instructions last fall for me but the car was in storage mode. Thanks guys!
Now I need to get it registered again, I have been driving without it. :snky:


Oh… and I need to get rid of the death smell under the hood. I think some baby mice died in my air intake. I am pretty sure I ran their mother over when I took it out for the first time last week. AWESOME!


NICE! Glad you can get it back out and have some fun with it.


How is the weather looking?


Clouds and sun, 64 degrees… at the moment.


Still holding with this forecast :+1:


Maybe some sort of confirmation by say 7:30-8?