Cars & Coffee @ Eastern Hills Mall


I can’t see them canceling. Rain is over, clouds are moving out.


We will see what the turnout is like. I have a feeling that the overnight rain and clouds this morning might scare some people away


We’re getting ready right now. Would like the sun to peek out for an hour to dry the roads up!


Eh, I’m not sure about that. If this was the 3rd or 5th meet of the year then I’d agree. But for the first one I’m sure it’ll be well attended. I distinctly remember one where there was a threat of rain and everyone still came out.


It’s pouring down here in the south towns. Going to hurt the crowd for sure.


Stopped raining in Derby hours ago. Cool but drying up. Heading up shortly.


@steve2k1116 it’s half dry in the northtowns. I’m at Starbucks by the I-90 and passed a lot of cars on the highway. Several McLarens and a Mercedes GT just passed by.


Awesome job @Mr_New_York ! Great day, weather worked out well too.


My drone overview shot from the day:


Very nicely done. I was eating my words about a questionable turnout. Some of the most interesting and exotic cars I have seen at one of these. AUTOZAM!!!


Nice job again!
Hopefully the heavy-footed people leaving won’t hurt anything. I guess one good thing is that it is not on a road or residential neighborhood. :slight_smile:

Sidenote: It was raining at my house too but I figured the north towns are usually better weather anyway.


Josh, You didn’t get my vehicle in that pic. :wink:


Was a real good turnout considering the weather. I spend more time looking at the oddball stuff like that tiny red Mazda RHD that was there than I do the $300k Mclarens.


That thing rocked. The owner told us he imported it and drove it home from Seattle. That had to be quite an interesting drive in something so small


Thank you @Onyx_Z32 ! In the past years this has always been a strong turnout even with not ideal weather, so with a forecast of 7% rain I figured we would just see what happened.

To @Blue_Eyed_Devil’s point-lots of poor behavior at the end. We were doing really well for awhile, but towards noon people were just doing flyers back and forth the main road as pedestrians ran back and forth. This kind of nonsense has to stop. I’ve got license plate numbers for the worst offenders, this was their last event; I’m not going to let a few people ruin it for everyone.


Come down hard on the idiots and the problem will go away quick.


I have heard that at some other Cars and Coffee type events the organizers have asked pedestrians not to line up on the exit row because it encourages bad behavior. I am not suggesting you do this, as I do like to see these cars in motion. However, we don’t need ratty Nissans sliding around and doing burnouts near kids and folks who are genuinely trying to enjoy their morning. I would assume that is one of the license plate numbers you made note of. Give it a rev and be on your way


It’s an age-old problem at cars shows; how to prevent people from “hot dogging”.

In my opinion (based on years of experience) you can’t stop it, only mitigate it. The best way is physical police presence which @Mr_New_York already has.

Car show show-offs are a part of life, and we all know that life…


Agreed. Things died down severely after the fuzz showed up.


Agreed, as I’ve stated previously I am all for a small acceleration or rev; I like many of you love cars. I’m just against the burnouts, excessive speed, and drifting within a few feet of children and families.

I’m trying to work with the Sheriff but they’ve been less than interested without large payments for 2+ officers to be there. While we do get some minor sponsor money, we don’t have nearly enough to staff two officers for several hours 8 times a year. (If anyone has an in road to the ECS, please pass contact along)

For now those who were reckless at the first event are banned, and I’m working with the mall to have cars only able to exit to the left away from the crowds and other cars.