Cars & Coffee @ Eastern Hills Mall


Disappointing to hear about that, but in no way surprising. Would be nice if someone had a connection to some car loving officers that would find a way to volunteer some time or cut costs for the event.


have cars only able to exit to the left away from the crowds and other cars.

You forgot to add “into the pot holes” lol @Mr_New_York


It is unfortunate that there is a cost associated. I know it is a private event, but it is attended by a large percentage of tax paying New Yorkers. :man_shrugging:t3: It is what it is.


I prefer to call them speed deterrents!

No joke, when I arrived at the mall at 6:00am there was inches of gravel littering the front row, and large chunks of asphalt. The mall’s maintenance guy Jim and I had to hand sweep the entire length of the lot which generated an entire bucket of gravel for his front end loader.


Quick video:




I’m going to have to bring my dad’s S2000 to this event. Hoping to see some awesome cars this weekend.


Bump for tomorrow. Looks like great weather :ok_hand:


Insane turn out. Lots of money hiding in buffalo for sure.


Great turnout :+1:

I have some nice shots, sorting it out now.


Forgot to update this prior to the event; thanks Josh!

Great turnout today, and I would also say best behaved event yet. Everyone still had fun and got on it a little leaving, but nothing out of control or reckless. There are 550 spots give or take in the lot, with the traffic coming and going, plus overflow I would estimate 650-700 cars today


So pissed I had to miss this today!


Yeah it was an insane turnout. There were about 20 cars when we got there. My dad was BLOWN AWAY by the sheer number of cars and people


Awesome event, so many great cars there!


As always, Thanks again for all of your efforts @Mr_New_York they are very much appreciated. Great show and turnout.


Upset I missed. Unfortunately I found out the day before that my fathers car requires an updated registration and inspection. I was hoping to honor him with bringing his car on Fathers day. Kind of a disappointment when I found out. Just means I need to do the things I need to do to get mine sold.


Had to go a little higher for this shot, lol:


Quick highlight video:


Absolutely, it’s great to meet so many people in the community, and see all the awesome cars we have here.

Awesome video Josh! I’ll post that on the page later.