Cars & Coffee @ Eastern Hills Mall


Is this upcoming Sunday a go or no go?


(Edit: Didn’t know this would post from email, very cool) We are meeting this Sunday the 15th- see everyone then


Yep, you can reply to posts without even visiting the forum directly. Just reply from your email :+1:


I should be at this one finally. Also bringing my 00 S2000 which will be for sale. This Sunday is also Waldfest, so this will be an awesome day!


Looking good for tomorrow :+1:


Man it was :fire: HOT :fire: out there… so hot that people started to leave pretty early. This shot was after some cars started to clear out. Still a great showing :+1:


Another great time, everything worked well and everyone was respectful :+1: See everyone in August


Everyone loves that NSX, the crowd followed it in when I parked. They are still creeping on it in the Drone photo.


Personally not a fan. To each their own though.


Are we talking about the gray one that has a body kit on it?


I think so. Its like chrome/ gray wrapped I think. Widebody


It’s just a bit too done up for me, but I do love me some NSX.


Yeah… It’s just a bit too… everything. NSeX’s are such amazing cars from the factory the way they look. Any body kit other than say a ground effects kit (side skirts and front clip) is just excessive and destroys the looks.
Nothing personal to the owner but not at all my cup of tea and I feel it ruined the car.


The nsx is my brothers. Bought it with the exterior the way it is, just built the motor and interior. He’s working on bringing the exterior to a completely different look than it currently is.

Bummed I missed it. Hopefully I can make the next


I won’t lie. Heat chased me out.


Anyone looking to meet up before this on Sunday? Haven’t been to one all year and hopefully planning to go as of now.


I’ll be going and @Paul_B should be going too, I’d be up for meeting for a coffee beforehand then driving up


Should be heading there this time. Been in the works with S2000 guys to be meeting up just before 9am at the Regal to all head in together. Not sure how many of us.


I’ll text you tomorrow to figure something out.


This might be the first one I have to miss this summer, but I’m not sure yet. :thinking: