Cars & Coffee @ Eastern Hills Mall


Missed it! How was it guys?


It was a great time! Weather worked out perfect. Whoever borrowed that white Hellcat from the dealership should be banned though, screw that guy.


Pretty solid turnout and the weather turned from clouds to sun just in time. Glad to finally have made one for this summer.


ooooo fill me in on the drama


Just some jackass in a Hellcat that had the plastic on the seats, lip guard, etc was ripping up and down Transit and then tried to do a burnout before leaving. Aside from that it seemed that everyone was really well behaved.


That dude in the white hellcat was a douche. I watched him pull out of the parking spot (looked like he didn’t know how to drive the car) Rev’ed up the motor and kind of gave it a heavy foot in the parking lot around cars. Went out the parking lot towards the mall instead of the designated area. Then proceeded to floor it from the end closest to the shop heading directly towards where cars are pulling out and people standing all around. Definitely could have been a very bad situation. The fact it seemed he didn’t own the car was another reason this could have gone bad really quick.

Got a chance to shake Mr_New_York’s hand as I was leaving only to hear he wasn’t pleased with some of the S2000 guys or at least I believe the yellow one that showed up. I have no clue who he was and this was the first time I even met up with those guys, however for Mr NY, I made sure to make a comment on the FB group about leaving the way some of them did. All I know is that the guy in the yellow S was happy he recently got his supercharger on and probably couldn’t contain himself from smiling and showing off. Still not cool though.


Paul and I floored the Miatas leaving…although I’m sure no one noticed us as we didn’t hit 45mph until about 2 miles down the road.


Hahaha Yeah… I left and hit my Weetec leaving as well. Although it wasn’t heard really.

On a side note, I did get pulled over on Maple not long after for inspection. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to get it inspected after purchasing the car. Weather hasn’t been the greatest to take it out. Got out of the ticket after explaining everything.


Sucks that there was a bit of Hellcat drama, but glad it was a nice day otherwise :+1:


It was great to meet you if only for a brief moment, thank you for saying hi! All and all it was a nice day, wasn’t quite as hot as last two months and lots of cool stuff came out.

The white Challenger was actually a Demon (I think he wanted to justify his purchase to the Hellcat owners?) however this was one of the dumbest, if not the dumbest person to have attended C&C so far. Not only did he speed in the crowded parking lot, launch on the mall surface road, and launch again up Transit, but he then came back after all of that and proceeded to speed through the event lot again and then try to spin the tires directly in front of people / cars; I was literally dumbfounded by his actions.

As soon as he pulled towards that gate I ran up and told him that I will never see him at one of my events again, if you see him make sure to give him a piece of your mind too.



No shit, I didn’t realize he came back after all of that. What an idiot! If you are going to make noise… not that it’s a good idea but… do it and be gone. To come back and do more inside the event after you already were a douche, wtf. Glad you were able to run up and say something to him.

On that note, where were the troopers or police? This was my first event of the year so I’m not sure if this was the first time they weren’t around or if its become a thing this year to not really have the presence. I know last year a few people were nabbed by the police for doing stupid shit.


Yeah, that to me is what made it truly aggravating / dumb.

The Sheriff / State Troopers have not been easy to work with. The State Troopers will not officially attend the event, and have no interest in being hired to do so; when they show up it’s purely coincidental or inquisitive as to where all these cars are coming and going from.

The Sheriffs on the other hand, are more than happy to attend for $$$. The last time I spoke to them, they said based on the size it would be a minimum of 3 officers to staff the event which would be a ton of money, which the event does not have. As it is, the bathrooms cost $175/event. While I’m sure more sponsors could be brought on, I don’t want to make this an automotive flea market, I would prefer people just didn’t act like reckless idiots.

The last two events prior to Sunday went super well, but as we saw it just takes one.


I thought I saw a trooper at the back of the lot outside the cones at one point, maybe close to 10am. But it also could have just been local PD, didn’t look close enough to see their affiliation.


Just a heads up since I know how long getting agreements on a site takes from my autocross days, major changes are planned at Eastern Hills and the zoning changes were approved at Wednesday’s Clarence town board meeting.

I’ve been following this project since I think it’s going to be a great addition to the area.

An earlier article that goes into more detail about the project:


@jays Matt knows alllllllll about it.


Bump for this weekend. Last one of the year?

EDIT: NOT the last one of the year, could be 80 degrees.


We have October event on the calendar; but that is weather dependent. So potentially this could be the last one if things turn early in October.


Nice HOT day yesterday! No drone pics because I got a calibration error when trying to launch it, but here are some random shots from the day:


That silver modded BMW races every event we do! He does very well with it!