Cars & Coffee @ Eastern Hills Mall


Nice shots! Was a warm one for sure, I fully support a 60 degree October meet; coffee will taste even better when it’s not 85 degrees


I’m 100% okay with hoodie and jeans, top down weather.


Curious, on FB, someone comment that some people acted like real jack asses again. Any word?


A few people were taking off down Transit fast but I didn’t notice too much. It was super hot so many people left early


There was one drag-setup something or other from yesteryear that did a burnout. The crowd wasn’t impressed.


Thank you. Someone was saying burnouts in the parking lot. Figured the dipshit with the demon showed back up. haha


There was a Demon there. Was dark gray or black. I couldn’t remember. I did see a bunch of idiots doing LAME burnouts as they were leaving.


Weather is still iffy for tomorrow, if it’s just cold we’ll meet but there’s been talking of a windy sleet as well. I’m watching the forecast and will make the call tonight


I’m game as long as it’s not slick. So are the rest of my buddies, Derek, Shane Shawn etc


As per Facebook it appears this is still on, wonder what the turnout will be like? Hopefully the weather holds out, I don’t mind bundling up if all it’s gonna be is just chilly.


Decent turnout, more McLaren’s than Corvette’s. It was fucking freezing and the only highlight is the charger that almost hit the light pole/Honda accord when he left.


So, the new new Civic, after the Porsche? :slight_smile:


Wait what? Lol


The joke years ago was that everyone here had Civics, then they all bought Porsches. So those were the “new Civics”, lol. Now everyone seems to have a McLaren’s.


…and a lady sitting in a car next to the Honda.


I waited until after I left the venue before I hit the go pedal. Luckily the cop sitting in the middle of Transit did not see me. :slight_smile:

There was a guy next to me in an M6 who hit the gas and got all funky. I thought he was changing lanes in front of me but he corrected just in time. I just hit the gas and the AWD carried me right past him. :slight_smile:


Hahah yeah, like they are coming out of nowhere now. I won’t be impressed until I see a 720 or P1. I raced my friend with the yellow one in my old corvette and we were dead even till we let out at 155. Not impressive when a bolt on c6 with a A&A kit on pump gas only stays door to door…


I grew up in the 80s, I will never be able to own a Corvette. LOL
No matter how good they are today, I would never be seen in one.
It’s an 80s thing, you had to be around then to understand. :slight_smile:
Maybe the mid-engine version will change my mind but then again that is not really a Corvette.


I’m on my 2nd and absolutely love it.


I hear great things about the newer ones.