COVID-21 Discussion (NOW COVID-22)

Masks again tomorrow at work for me.

We’re in HIGH (checks current name of variant) Omicron BA.2

Panic. Everyone Panic. Please. Panic.

Also would like to point on that neither WGRZ, WIVB or WKBW have any COVID news on their sites lol.


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i know @Onyx_Z32 will say “it wont pass”, but the fact that this is still even suggested is a real head shaker

Well, that’s Rhode Island. They don’t have the same high numbers of unvaccinated POC as NY. So there won’t be as much resistance.

Has anyone seen a post about Indiana Death rates by age and vax status?
I cannot seem to find it again and did not screen shot like a good meme whore.

The tag line was along the lines that 101% of vaccinated adults over 80 die if they get Covid.

i have posted that in this thread above somewhere.

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yup yup and yup.

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I’ve been saying this for years. We are an empire in decline. It’s all done for with western culture/civilization.

Everything is like a pendulum, we are basically seeing the exact same thing that happened in the 60s/70s on repeat. Think Vietnam… buckel down and get prepared for gas/food shortages, insane inflation, etc.

No. sort of :slight_smile:

instead, i’m splurging trying to eek out what might be the last few years one can act like a dick head before it’s not possible anymore.

imagine 10 years from now having shit still on your bucket list that wont be possible anymore?

i’d rather the regret of having been too frivolous in the recent before-time than the regret of never having done all the things when i was younger that i really wanted to do.

it’s coming… no question.

Enforcement? Our own neighbors. Encouraged to call in perpetrators who don’t follow the new world order. Heck I wouldn’t be surprised to see advertisements offering free gift cards to those who do.

The path we are on is not a good one. So many people are blind to this, or actively buy into the “greater good.” Has it already gone too far? I believe we are past the point of no return. The America we all once knew and loved is forever changed.

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Remember everyone. Lockdowns save lives. It’s just science.

Well I finally got it. First day was mostly in bed. 2nd day I was mid-functioning. 3rd day (today) I’ve managed to get by with zero meds.

I’ve had worse sickness, architecturally speaking.


Both of my in-laws got it the weekend before last.
Mother in-law went to the hospital because she could not keep anything down, difficult breathing.
Also, had all 3 jabs.

They kept her overnight because her heart was racing.
(weird… She said it had been doing that off and on for a while now, but her Dr. said nothing about it)

Both overweight, late 60s, lots of health issues.
Took Paxlovid and got through it just fine. no issues.

Good thing they had the jabs… Or else they would have DIED!!!.. - allegedly.


If you keep going through, she talks more about her problems. That would absolutely destroy me if I was no longer able to do those fun things I enjoy like she does.