COVID-21 Discussion (NOW COVID-22)


It’s crazy because even in NYS, covid is over.

Still haven’t gotten it either.

i worry that there are considerable parallels between the COVID experience and lead up to WWII where in the US you guys are just going on about your business but in Europe they are fully immersed in the pandemic largely as a means of dealing with, or distrcting from, a serious military conlifct on thier doorstep.

If they cannot break out of it they will likely end up in a terrible spot with the energy and economic situation, plus covid tyranny, plus ukraine war and the US is going to have to step in to unfuck it all maybe near the end of the decade.

recall as well that Germany was highly educated (which may also mean indoctrinated) and so people largely went along with the Nazi stuff and didnt bat an eye as the world around them descended into chaos.

Problem is that only the red states have entirely moved on. a large part of the US is still mired in the propoganda. you guys may be fine but there are still lots of morons in WNY.

I’ve got news for ya. The growing moron population isnt limited to NY. I swear theyre being grown or hatched somewhere at an alarming rate.

As far as the COVID bandwagon, it won’t be let go because either there’s too much money left to be made or no one wants to admit to being duped and / or lying.

Europe can be on their own. I’m sick of the US sticking their noses in and sending money out as if they were chocolate chip cookie recipes. We’ve got enough of our own fucking problems and it’s time other countries deal with their own shit.

At least the masks still clearly identify all the suckers and half wits. Easier for me to point and laugh.

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you cannot break your alliance with the EU.

a smart dude, in conversation along these lines today, sent me this:

I’ve been thinking about that a lot recently. No one ‘expected’ WW1/2 really… I feel like you can draw a lot of parallels with what is going on today. The energy problems this winter in the EU are really going to explode. There are already a lot of small businesses there seeing $10K bills coming in… once business close and people can’t keep their homes heated in winter things are going to get SPICEY.

Buy ammo!

I am all set lol… looking forward to acquiring some full auto pieces.


wrong thread bros!!

Just wait for COVID-23…then it’ll all be the same thread lol.


Guys, the pandemic is over. Biden said so.



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from the city of Toronto’s twitter account, now deleted… you should keep your kids home if they are not vaccinated

All lies. The jabs are SAFE & EFFECTIVE. You should be ashamed of yourself for posting this.

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3 suddenly dead medical residents at McMaster in the last month… hmmmm

This is where we planned to send our sons before their mandates… which are still in place for students and faculty by the way.

I like all the kind words and condolences. Anyone bothering to ask WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!!?

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Framing COVID as a religion is a :fire: move