COVID-21 Discussion (NOW COVID-22)

I heard this from a hospital insider. Don’t expect them to publicly say anything. That’s just not the way it works nowadays.

Any “fact checker” who wants to fact check my source should contact me. Calling the hospital, getting a denial, and publicizing that as “the truth” is not fact checking.

Sounds like totally reliable and trustworthy data. I do think something is going on with the vax but stories like this do not help with credibility.

@JayS i know several doctors who have been fired for speaking out like this up here. some of them multiple times, some had their offices raided, practices cancelled, medical licensed revoked and more.

also have had personal friends who are practicing physicians tell me they will not rock the boat because of student loans etc.

Steve Kirsch has been ahead of the curve the whole time and runs with the real ones.


you know how we do it.

I was thinking more like

we have 1 non-regarded province.

intentionally using the new WSB lingo btw.

i guess some aussie politicians are tabling that data.

feels pretty similar to what happened in Canada where they just deflect. no confirmation on the validity of the data but i guess others are seeing it.

nothing to see here… but for the data.

This is Canada data from BC and AB in particular

That is pretty shitty that something is stealing potential customers from the MAIDS.

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On the plus side we all get handmaids soon

Ugh, I better not get a fat one.


I want a fat one, they are more willing to do things.


For those of that that aren’t pure blood anymore…

^This is a bunch of concerning/terrifying information, obviously pulling from VAERS isn’t 100% credible because it can be manipulated by users false inputs, but the Pfizer leak data seems to support the information as well.

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yeah a lot of that was pretty scary

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Heard Al Roker is having some clotting issues. Will be interesting to see how they sweep a high profile guy like him under the rug.

same way they swept chris helmsworth, bruce willis, justin beiber, hailey beiber, jennifer gibson, kris letang and others under the rug?

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