Falcon Heavy / SpaceX Launch

This was incredible. INCREDIBLE!!!

Watched it live yesterday. The synchronized landing of the boosters was awesome.

That’s making history.

Yeah, I think the boosters landing was the most impressive part to me.

I wish the drone-ship feed didn’t cut out. That’s really cool too.


Was it the center core that housed the car? I saw another video showing the center core landing where it tipped over and fell into the water. Seemed like a success until they lost the whole thing on landing.

Car was in the top, wider part.

2 engines on the center core didn’t re-ignite to slow it down enough. It hit the water at 300 mph about 100 meters from the ship. Just imagine if that happened to the boosters landing back on pad. :eek4:

I’m hoping that they have video of it somewhere that will get released soon. Either way, this was a crazy moment to witness.

i gave Elon a standing ovation when i saw that moment and i had my son with me. it was amazing.

Another awesome video of the landings:

those sonic booms gave me shivers right through my entire body watching that clip… fuuuuk

@BOBBYGRV that’s the best video of this I’ve seen yet.

Just amazing.

Bump. They’ve landed all 3 now:

Absolutely amazing.

Shit luck. They didn’t have a way to secure this booster implemented yet.

“As conditions worsened with 8- to 10-foot swells, the booster began to shift and ultimately was unable to remain upright. While we had hoped to bring the booster back intact, the safety of our team always takes precedence. We do not expect future missions to be impacted.”