Hyperdrive - Netflix

Has anyone watched Hyperdrive on Netflix? It was just put up on Aug 21st. I’ve watched one episode and definitely plan to watch more soon. Very interesting. Drivers from across the world with their own cars. What’s cool is that this was apparently filmed in Rochester, NY.

What are your thoughts? I definitely enjoyed the first and laughed about the SCCA guy.


I added it to my watch list yesterday but haven’t had time to check it out. There’s a VINWiki video from one of the contestants but he seemed like a giant douche so I’m hoping he fails spectacularly and his car ends up wrecked.

This guy is an absolute idiot. No way he makes it far at all. He can’t even drive the car let alone his own car apparently. lol

Imma check this out tonight!

Did you watch any of it? What were your thoughts if so?

I watched 1.1 episodes. Pretty meh. Only watched the .1 because they ended on a bit of a cliffhanger and wanted to see how that went.

I think my biggest problem is it feels very PC. Like they tried too hard to get contestants that checked off every single possible diversity checklist and then play that up with their editing and little back stories. Watching the SCCA guy eat shit in the j-turn was hilarious. Never seen an autocross that required a j-turn or doing controlled donuts inside a little box so I was pretty sure he wasn’t going to do well. LOL

Original Top Gear and Grand Tour is so good because it’s just 3 honest guys who love cars and doesn’t give a shit about being PC. Yeah, it’s scripted but it doesn’t slap you in the face with that fact the way Hyperdrive does.

I’ll watch some more but I can already tell it’s going to be one of those things I throw on when I just want something in the background while I’m playing games on my phone or surfing vs Grand Tour that I give 100% of my attention to because it’s that entertaining.

I think the reason I like the show so far is because of the drivers being average joes. Some can drive, some just have money and no knowledge of how to drive their car. I’ve made it through two. The Lambo is interesting. I do enjoy the dude in the red 240. He’s one of the few that just goes all out and has that make it or break it mentality.
I guess I just enjoy seeing something different and it being peoples personal cars doing these challengers. The announcers could probably shut up a little minus the only one that knows cars. (Topgear US host)

I couldn’t make it past the first two cars. The play by play and general commenting is just brutal. But bringing this thread up reminded me of the other Netflix original, Fastest Car. That has a second season starting sept 1 and I’ll definitely give that another go.

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I have seen most of the first few episodes.

It looked like it was going to be good show in concept, but it’s hard to watch.
It’s like they made a drift ninja warrior course and then tried to modify it just enough so other style cars and drivers could run it and its where a V6 mustang crushes a 1000+hp drag racer.

Oh, and making cars stop on the leveler is lame. I’m sure 3 feet further on that massive bridge has a huge effect on times…

Never seen T1 as an autocross class, so pretty sure he was a road racer. LOL

Someone with good autocross experience should have been able beat Brittany, slow down and handbrake ever target.

So happy the douche with the AMG didn’t make it in. So frustrating watching him cheap by opening his door to hit targets. After watching that video I posted earlier in the thread and now seeing him drive, the dude is all money and no driving skill what so ever.

i watch this purely for the laughs, specifically every time they said “HE JUST DRIFTED A LAMBO!!!” no he didn’t, he pulled the ebrake and pretty much came to a stop

they keep trying to make car shows for the non-car people, alienating all of the car people who normally would watch these shows.

Aside from using some MMA style guy as an announcer and some of the dumb back stories. They had some good drivers and it’s nice to see something different. Things I would love to see done without, anything involving water and the balancer. Otherwise the show was still enjoyable once they weeded out the lower talent.

I also wasn’t a fan of hearing them talk about driving a lambo because of that reason. I get the car it is and what its not really supposed to do but pulling something that make you slide to a stop is not a drift.

Like I said, it was nice to see something different than your normal autoblog show or rebuilding cars. Someone actually driving that isn’t exactly pro and doing challenges. Something other than drag racing as well.

Kind of an interesting show. Had to watch it because J & J Speed Shop parts were in the Orange 5th Gen Camaro

I thought about the water situation more, I think anything to deal with flooding your motor should be out. People put way too much money into these motors to have some show damage their cars with hydrolocking your motor. Which who knows if these people got paid or not for damages. (Guessing not)
A better solution would be having a wet area with targets to hit. Kind of like what I believe BMW has as a wed skid track. At least this would test drivers for both wet and dry pavement and not destroy the motors.

I went back and finished the show. I liked it a little more towards the end.

I’m still not sure they don’t or didn’t lock the bridge in the up position until well after the car stopped. I was wrong about that V6 mustang being near the top of the leader board.

Also the fact that it was filmed in Rochester made it better.

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Honest, I’d just love to watch Fielding Shredder driver on some actual tracks and see what he can do. Love the all in effort he gives. May cost him his car in the end but at least he’s fun as hell to watch throw a car around. On a side note, what a name. lol