Jordan Peterson Thread

I have a lot to process still, but to say that I was mind-blown would be an understatement.

JBP is seriously on a next level as far as speaking goes, you can actually watch how his brain works while he’s talking, it’s nuts.

He’s coming out with a second book sometime next year as a follow up and revision of 12 Rules of Life, I think it’s going to be amazing from what he discussed last night.

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i’ll buy and read it right away

I listened to the 12 Rules thought the book was OK, A bit long winded at times.
He read it himself, so it was like a super long youtube video.

Got any other book recommendations? I have audible credits to burn before I cancel it.

Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago is a great book, as well as Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

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I thought about the Gulag Archipelago. But, I was hoping for something more like the twilight series. :smiley:

Meditations looks interesting. (at least I don’t hear that in JP’s voice when I read the name)

Meditations is awesome because it was written 2000 years ago but still reads as relevant today.

Only about half way through this, and it is mostly review, but being that it is Dr. Oz on his set for 3 hours and not distributed through his TV medium is quite interesting. JBP going mainstream.

Also, i bought Meditations since i saw you guys talking about it here and i’ve seen it recommended elsewhere recently.

Awesome! Let me know what you think of it!

This is the version I have, Gregory Hayes does an excellent job in the prologue explaining a lot of the information that Marcus talks about.

i bought and have started meditations.

more amazingness though…

at 1:08:20:

“I’m not hearing what you think, I’m hearing how you’re able to represent the ideology you’re taught. And it’s not that interesting, because I don’t know anything about you. I can replace you with someone else that thinks the same way and that means you’re not here. That’s what it means, and it’s not pleasant. You’re not integrating the specifics of your personal experience with what you’ve been taught, to synthesize something that’s genuine and surprising, and engaging in a narrative sense as a consequence, and that’s the pathology of ideological possession. And it’s not good that I know where you stand on things once I once I know a few things. Like, why have a conversation? I already know where you stand on things.”

JBP defines NPC for us

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Maybe I’ve got a weak translation of meditations but I find the prose difficult.

I’ll finish it since it’s short. There are certainly bursts of wisdom but a lot of it is almost nonsense.

I just bought the art of war, I’ve already read it. But this one is for bed time reading with the kids.

Is yours the same cover as the one I posted? With the black, white and red cover?

No it’s blue. I just picked up something off Ebay for $8.


it’s hard to believe this is the reality we live in.

Thinkspot coming soon as an alternative to Patreon:

also came across the other day as a neutral / libertarian social media publishing platform, or whatever you call it

I think Gavin McInnes is staring a platform too. But I’d be willing to bet TS will have the most thought behind its incentives / disincentives.

I got a TS update email a few days ago. Looking forward to seeing what the beta looks like.