Lancaster Speedway Can't Catch A Break ('18 Last Year?)


People in new developments built near a race track that has been around 60+ years are mad about the noise.

Also if you’re interested in supporting the track there is a petition here.

Lancaster Speedway may be done

Gotta love the NIMBYs


It’s interesting because the track has been really strict about shutting down racing by 11pm


Well, I know where I’ll be doing burnouts and drifting this winter…


Let’s set up a contingent of nyspeeders to attend this. I’m on board to go.


I dont race at lancaster but would still go to support the cause and how wacky these people are being.


I’d second to showing up


il go for sure


i’d consider going as well. i spoke at the town meeting in Niagara Falls, On in support of another track.


I signed the petition, im really looking forward to going to the track next year!


These people anger me on the sole principle that it is not just the people that may have an issue, but encouraging “anyone” to come for strength in numbers just to increase the phony outrage is disgusting.

I live about 5 miles from the track and the noise is just background…just like a train or an airplane flying over your head.


Let’s start a sign up sheet. I think we should go on the low low, then voice our opposition. Shit. Hope no one from their posse is reading this.


Id go also, ill stand there all serious about keeping the track open. While others talk.


I am in for going to support the track.


I am in. We can have a pre meet at my house (construction site) for food/beers before if anyone wants, I live 2.5 miles from there.


Nice clip art


Troll her email?


Do it and post screen shots!

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Definitely not going to help your cause.


Signed the petition. These people are idiots, if they don’t want to deal with the noise then maybe they should have reconsidered building near there.