Lancaster Speedway Can't Catch A Break ('18 Last Year?)


roll call of whose going?


wow…2100 signatures vs 30…


2100 what? For or against the track?

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FOR the track


Yea sorry I should have mentioned for the track…


I have a wake this evening, but here is some good information. Track has been there since 1959 and here is when these folks decided to buy a house directly between it and the airport:

MURSCHEL - 6/2013
QUINONES - 2/2010
FOX - 1/2013
SINCLAIR - 4/2012
PUMA - 8/2012
STICHT - 5/2013
VULLO - 8/2013
KING - 6/2013
SCHULTZ - 1/2010
BROWN - 11/2013


Thank god

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They should move to Pendleton.


I used your info here:


Still going to try, but it’s going to be tough for me. Still playing catch up on the 3-4 days lost during the snow dump.


Any updates from this? Live blogging?


I also want to know how it went. I got stuck at work late and couldn’t make it.


Someone posted a video on Facebook The town basically told them to deal with it because it’s so limited. They have very limited revenue and days of the years they operate and that they haven’t had any complaints.
Looks like the Ppl were trying to get it so the cops shut it down after 12am
I think one of the board members said that they live near the track too and they haven’t heard any excessive noise for 3-4yrs or something.


I’m surprised that they’re allowed to run that late.

Good on the town for being logical. :tup:


This is the part that pisses me off. It’s not like the track just got built. They all bought homes near a race track and then try to get it shut down because they don’t like the noise. Glad to see the town sided with the track but I doubt that’s the end of it.


Next thing they’ll do is sue the track for the combined value of their homes coughPendletoncough


If I was the judge, I would award for the plantif, in the amount of all their property being now owned by the defendent. For $0. If the plantifs believe the property is worthless now due to the noise, give it to the defendennt. Catch 22 bitches! Lol


The other big issue here is Paul Cambria is a huge supporter of the track and go luck winning against him on legal issues :lol:


Brawl bump


The video is terrible but you can clearly see a guy use a 2x4 to hit someone: