Lancaster Speedway Can't Catch A Break ('18 Last Year?)


Soooo… what’s the asking price?


They should do it and use a bridge.


More Becks than you can afford pal.


NYspeed Group buy, let’s start the bidding at 1000$


Damn never realized how much space you really need for a track. Didn’t even consider the shutdown portion LOL


What is sad is that a major event that could have helped them out this year really back fired and unfortunately the organizers completely screwed everything up for the entire series to be canceled. I was really looking forward to the GRC event coming here and I know a bunch of other people were, they could have 100% sold that event out. It could have been something to open future events as well. Unfortunately the event organizers have not been paying people and it hit like 2 months before Lancaster was set to happen. It was a huge disappointment for me, I know that.


Its already going to be open next year a group of people were working on a deal before this article came out.


Nobody cares about 1/4 mile anymore honestly…Even Empire runs 1/8th mostly.


Just to to clarify, you’re blaming the GRC organizers not Lancaster for the cancellation.

I would have gone to see GRC as well.


Yep, blaming the GRC. Really pissed about that as I really was excited to see this come. Probably would have been the best racing we’d get around here in our immediate area for a long time. Unfortunately they suck at paying people back and lawsuits followed.


Yeah I was really looking forward to that as well, they had to refund my money for tickets.


1/8th mile is lame. If you’re going to go drag racing, 1/4 mile is the way to go. The only reason empire is doing 1/8 mile is because their timing system is messed up


It didn’t have anything to do with the timing system they were using that as excuse early in the season…They repaved the 1/8th to put on better races they also wanted to run 1/8th to reduce the amount of time in between runs.

They also switched all events besides T&T and MOMS(which they don’t run) to 1/8th only.

Most racing is moving towards 1/8th mile they’re just keeping pace.


1/8th mile is gay, do you know how long it takes an NA Miata to reach 60 mph at WOT? About 3-4 miles.