Lancaster Speedway / Dunn Tire Raceway / Elegant Builders Raceway Sold?

I’d want some wild sponsor. Like Fleshlight Raceway Park. Or maybe just call it Thunder Dome, officially.

Maybe Pegula will buy it…

“The business model for Short Track Management is to purchase and renovate tracks that have really great opportunities,” Catania told powered by JEGS. “We see Lancaster as being one of those tracks. I’m looking at acquiring it, but before I acquire it I thought I’d promote this event and see how it goes.”

The people who own the track and the people who handle day to day operations and promotions are separate…

Now that they’re removing Ralph from circle track operations people might come back

Hopefully it’s not too late, the place has fallen so far in the past 10 years. Pavement tracks in NY are a mess, no cooperation so every track has its own rules, conflicting dates for big shows, shitty promoters ect.

I feel the biggest problem this track has is the noise problem/size of track they are able to produce. If they were able to produce a 1/4 mile and have the oval, this place would succeed.

You realize you don’t need 1/4 mile to be successful?

A lot of events at NYIRP are only 1/8th mile events.

He’s just thinking as an import guy.

Hell, I want them to build a road course there and remove the 1/8th mile track and oval, but I’ll never get that wish, lol.

When I was racing 3x/weekend in Tennessee quite a few years ago, the 3 tracks were all outlaw 1/8th mile tracks. At any given event, I’d have 40-60 cars in my non-box class. $1200 to win was normal. Obviously box payouts were higher, about double that.

So yeah, it’s all about how it’s promoted.

Now that Ralph is gone and if they can bring in a strong promoter and revive the circle track they should have funding for improvements.

Back in the early 2000s that entire front lot would be filled on Saturday rights and for any circle track events then they went and pissed off all the racers and they left.

So Ralph IS gone? Who’s in charge now?

They pulled Ralph from circle track the drag racers still like him and he is still involved with that.

Just days after Elegant Builders Raceway Park promoter Ralph Galluzzi announced that stock car racing had ended after 55 years of competition at the Lancaster asphalt facility, race track owner Gordon Reger has thrown a red flag.

Reger says that stock car racing will return to EBRP in 2015 and that Galluzzi will no longer be part of it.
“After I saw the article in the Buffalo News I had a meeting with Ralph yesterday,” Reger said Friday afternoon. “I told Ralph that I think he sent a message that I didn’t want to have sent.
“The truth is, that while the stock car program is not going to run for the rest of this season, I want all to know, especially our stock car drivers, sponsors and fans, that there will be a stock car program here next year. There is no need for them to look to go racing anywhere else in 2015.”

Earlier this week, Galluzzi said that he was ending the stock car program, effective immediately, due to what he described as major financial problems with the program. The decision did not affect the IHRA weekly drag racing program or other non-stock car events.
Reger and his company, Lancaster Properties LLC, owns the dual stock car-drag racing facility. Galluzzi has a lease with Reger – that began in 2008 and expires after this year – that allows Galluzzi to promote, market, manage and direct all racing programs at EBRP.

“Ralph will not be back running the stock car program next year,” Reger said. “The lease I currently have with him expires this year and will not be renewed. I have a couple of different groups that I am involved with, and we are having very serious discussions about them either leasing or buying the track for the future.

“One of those groups asked if they could still have Ralph involved with the drag racing program, and, depending on what happens, that will be determined in the future.”

When reached Friday afternoon, Galluzzi gave only a brief comment.
“I hope that they can find somebody who will do a good job of running the stock car program next year,” he said.
Reger also addressed an effort to save this year’s Tommy Druar/Tony Jankowiak Memorial stock car race, which had been scheduled for tonight.
“I also know that there are some people out there who are working to at least try” to bring it back, Reger said. “They’re looking to run it in mid-September and maybe they will if the details can be worked out. For now, my focus is on next year and beyond.”
When asked if he plans to put funding into fixing long-existing physical structure woes at EBRP, including a run-down grandstand, Reger says plans are now underway.

“I have some major capital improvements planned for the future and one of the groups I’m discussing the track’s future with has a good amount of capital which could be invested into the track’s physical structure,” said Reger.
EBRP, which has been known by several other names throughout the years, most notably Lancaster National Speedway, has had a glorious stock car racing past until recent years.
For the sake of this area’s racing community, which has made the track’s stock car program a local institution for decades, hope is out there that perhaps better days are ahead.
“For whatever has happened in recent times, next season, the green flag will once again fly over the stock cars here at my track,” said Reger, “just as it has for decades.”


Man that would be great if he did :+1:

Bump - First time ever down a track. Took the viper. No idea how fast i was going. 9.1

I’ve never launched a car in my life besides my old neon.

Dropped clutch at 1500 rpm - didn’t hook up at all. Foot off gas for a second, hammered it, ass end kicked out when shifting into second, foot off gas, hammered it, shifted to third, ass end hopped a bit.

It was a lot of fun though :slight_smile:

Some dude in a Ford Fusion running 7.9s Looked stock until he hit the gas. Hooked up every time.


Good to hear it’s still open. :+1: I was only passively paying attention.

Go on a Tuesday and not a Wednesday if thats when you went…They don’t prep Wednesday and its worse than the street unless you car is setup for it.

Dude! Totally noticed that. On the street I never break loose in 2nd or 3rd. Maybe a chirp in second but that’s it. I got pretty scared to be honest when the ass kicked out.

I went a couple weeks ago. First time with the this car. My 4 year old mickeys definitely weren’t doing anything for me to the 60 foot. But they held fine the rest of the run. Aired them down to 18psi. At least I got a sweet photo tho!

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I had the same deal with my corvette when it was bolt on I couldn’t get sideways grabbing 2nd on street at Lancaster on a Wednesday all over the place.

Going down there on something with drag radials isn’t as bad its still slick in spots