Mid-Engine Corvette: 7/18/2019 [C8.R 2020]

, the numbers we’re looking for pop up on the screen—558 hp and 515 lb-ft of torque at the wheels.

So I was correct in saying the 495hp numbers looked sketchy? :wink:

All these cars are gay, only 400mph is sufficient

Am I the only one that is over the 0-60 times when it comes to cars? I feel like this is something that’s been a target point for way to long rather than looking at say a 0-100 time. At one point I felt 0-60 at 2.8 or 3 seconds was ridiculous… but now so many cars are doing it. It’s time to step the game up and say who can get to 100mph the fastest.

Until the speed limit is 100mph magazines won’t report 0-100mph times because it may encourage breaking the law!!!

How about 80 then? Plenty of highways in the states that have 80mph speed limits.
However we are talking a sports car designed to be driven on a track. I don’t see why reporting 0-100 would be a problem.

I myself is more concerned with 60-130 times.

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Anyone can gear a car for a 0-60 time. It’s getting up to the 120+ mark the fastest I feel should be concentrated on with super cars now. Let’s be honest, pretty much all super cars or like super cars are already putting down 3 second 0-60. It’s becoming the norm.

Do people even read test results, or just look at the headlines?

carANDdriver posts 0-100 , 0-130 (for cars that are capable) on almost all their instrument and comparison tests.

I only care about how awesome it looks :sunglasses:

That’s the only reason I’ve ever bought anything really.

I need both hence C6Z lol

Good old internet math drama!

Motor Trend ’s highest crank estimate of 640 lb-ft would put the Corvette’s peak BMEP at 17.7. That’s just not within the realm of possibilities for a naturally aspirated engine.

Motor Trend concludes its article with, “One thing we know for certain: the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 provided for all our testing produces more power than what Chevy claims.” Actually, the only thing we know for certain is that the C8 could not, no matter what GM did to it, produce the power that MotorTrend’s dyno runs said it did.

Time to buy!

If you thought the C8’s price was great, wait until you read further. According to Cars.com, bargain-hunting perspective Corvette owners have their pick of 183 new C7s in the $40,000s, including 7 separate examples under $45k!

182 C7s that can be had for V8 Camaro money

I’ve been looking lol. Brand new Z06’s that stickered for $75k are $17k off. I really wish they would have continued that amazing orange color they used from 2014-2016. I’d love a 2017-18 GS in that burnt orange. The orange they have out now looks like a pylon color. Too bright for me.

I kind of feel bad for anyone that bought these at or around MSRP. They instantly take a $17k price drop without taking into account mileage of the car. One of the slaps in the face I’ve always hated about GM and all their cars. They mass produce cars that tend to sit on the lots. Devoted customers who want them when they first come out pay a premium for something that by the end of the year has thousands of dollars off MSRP to sell the remaining stock pile of vehicles as the next years arrive. I gather other companies do this but I feel not nearly as much.

I disagree. I think typically people know that when they buy an end of line vehicle they know to expect a hit.

Some people have been arguing that these should be worth MORE in the long run because they’re the last of the “true” FR Corvettes… not sure I buy that, but we’ll see.

This isn’t just end of the line vehicles, this is something that happens every year with the pickup trucks and other cars like the Malibu’s and Impala’s. When they first come out for that year, you pay MSRP or maybe a small amount off. By the end of the year they have so much overstock that they have to give you a lot of incentives to buy one, meaning it makes anyone who paid MSRP or close to it to take a huge hit when looking into resale without adding mileage.
Look at the price of any Silverado that is 2019 with 2020 models coming out. Same would have been with 2018 when the 2019 came out. They give almost $15k or more off.