New LR Defender

I like the styling but not the I6 engine based on the review of it in the sport. Maybe a different tune would help, on paper it should have been an awesome engine.

Looks nice, but definitely do it for me for a new Defender. The boxy styling of the previous models is just such an awesome look for these. Curious how they perform compared to the previous models.

I was just coming here to post this.

I’ve been reading that it’s cheaper than a Jeep Wrangler?

I think a base model Defender will be cheaper than a high end Jeep. At that point its really no contest, the Defender is infinitely better than the Jeep at that price. The Defender will top out at like 80k fully loaded though. I’d get a 90 with option it with the air suspension and inline 6.

The official marketing video:

I do like this brown:

Love Jeep Wranglers, Hate Jeep/Chrysler. I’m sick of them building unreliable vehicles. I don’t hear too much on reliability with Wranglers but maybe that’s because I don’t know enough people that own them. However everyone in here that has owned a newer Jeep Grand Cherokee has had them in the shop before 50k miles. 3 or 4 of them here. That’s sad. The one guy had his in probably 4 times within 2 years of owning it brand new.

Curious what the new Defenders reliability will be like. I know the old ones would run forever and were fantastic machines.

Land Rover said Tuesday U.S. prices for the Defender 110 will start at $50,925 including shipping. Overall, prices will top out at around $80,000.

@BigRon if North America is getting the 90 it’ll have to be cheaper than $50 but it’s not up on the configuration site.

These things look rad AF

If able to be imported, I think this is where my money would go.

Already have a deposit down on one. I optioned out a 110 at almost $90k.

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Doug DeMuro is pumped. Says the 90 will come in under the $50k mark, which at that price point why would you not?

Must talk my wife into one of these…

I don’t know much about modern Landrovers but all I’ve ever heard about them is the reliability being poor. Has this been addressed by them and how have the last 10 yrs been going for Landrover and the reliability with them?