New Toyota Supra (J29)

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That’s pretty impressive considering how little was needed. Sounds like these motors respond pretty nice to tunes.

There is a few b58 340xi’s making 500 awhp with the stock turbo.

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My only assumption would be that being a “Toyota” they tend to under power what their motors are capable of doing and I’d figure for reliability reasons. I’m figuring it’s a, You want to turn up the power, that’s on you but know that the reliability where it’s set now is supposed to be the best possible for longevity/reliability.

9.92@133mph 1.39 60ft 6.29 at 1/8
Mods: Nos System Installation and Sunoco 100 Octane Fuel, New Mood: Hoosier Drag Radial Tires, For the 9 second pass We did a Small weight Reduction of Catback exhaust and No Passenger Seat.

The 4 banger one will still move out for what it is, my wife’s 330 (same B48 2.0) does 0-60 in 5.5 .

Loving that color.

Tune only Supra. Not bad at all.

People sleep on the new b58 engine from bmw but that bitch it stout.

More power:

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Japan only :frowning_face:

does anyone here find this car desirable in the least?


Maybe it is my pratical (old man) nature but I want either a super sedan or a weekend toy (likely something with open air capabilties)

yeah these things have never excited me at all.

@BigRon i’m with you

I’m somewhat interested. I’ve seen some that look good, still none in person though.

I’d look into one if I was in the market. Sounds like a few inexpensive mods to gain a fair amount of power, plus what I’m assume to be BMW style materials used on the inside for the finish. Can’t really go wrong with a German interior. I think the big question for me would be what kind of reliability will this car have after say 75k miles.