New Toyota Supra Speculation (FT-1)


I’m going to wait to judge it when it’s finally out. I think it might be surprising.


Z4 leaked:


This car looks so much smaller to me than what the original supra was.


Oh shit…

Well, the BMW Z4 M40i recorded a lap time six seconds faster than Gebhardt’s own in the first M2 (7:. That’s right, the little soft-top convertible roadster was six seconds faster ’round the ‘Ring than an M2. With less power, mind you.



pieced together from the parts catalog, lol:


I think this looks pretty good.


I definitely dig the looks of this.


We’re almost there:


Yup, sounds like a X3 M40i



The amount of hate on the 1320 Instagram page every time they post a picture of it is stupid. Every other comment is “should of had a 2j I’m it” or “it’s just a rebadged Bmw” . Yet when Toyota/Subaru teamed up and made that useless brz and made it grossly under powered. People loved it…


Purists 'gonna be pure. The new LR Defender is coming out and the purists are already shitting on it because it doesn’t have a solid read axle.


Most teased car ever…


January 14th 9:40am will be the live stream reveal.


I am beyond sick of hearing about this thing, but Toyota Mexico leaked production photos.


I really like the profile view. The front is alright. I want to see it in person to view the dimensions myself.


The rear is great looking in my opinion. I am not a fan of the front at all though


I like how it all looks. However, we know from experience that a lot of cars in photos just don’t do them justice until you are next to one.

I know they aren’t on the same level but the Ford GT. I liked it from photos, but man… seeing that beast in person just looks so damn nice!


So much BMW here:

This picture really shows how much better looking the last generation car was…