New Toyota Supra Speculation (FT-1)


This looks good. I hate the wheels on the red car:


Numbers are one thing. Feeling is what matters

There’s an SJW joke in here somewhere…


Toyota techs are actually going to BMW training to be able to work on them. I got to tinker a little bit on the new Z4 M40i my last visit to BMW training. Lots of technology. The exhaust note in person is awesome.


This looks so much better:


^^Agreed, SO much better.


I’m sure someone will make an old supra style wing for it. Unfortunately the tail lights can’t be “retro’d” as easy.


How long til someone 2JZ swaps one?


Gonna be a bit I would think since all the electronics talk to on another. Quite a few of the control units run few different modes of communication, can bus, flex Ray, most network etc. maybe if the car was manual would be easier.




That white one is pure sex


still not sure where I stand on this. Need to see one in person and stick my finger in all the fake vents.


Too low for my liking and too little of sidewall on the tires for those renders.

As for the car, I’m really disappointed they used the name Supra for this car. Had Toyota taken this on by them selves or if they did the majority of the leg work and used their own chassis, I’d be more interested in it with the name Supra. However this is a mostly rebadged BMW. They should have called it something else.

Also hope they don’t give us the 194hp 4cylinder option and go with the 250hp option in the 4 cylinder. I feel 194 hp is too low for a $50k car that weighs more than the FRS/BRZ/86 and would have 5 less hp than that car.


R&T says the 4 cylinder won’t be a option in the US. Who knows how accurate that is.


Interesting. I can see a lot of people upset with this if it happens. More so the people looking to get the chassis to engine swap a 2jz into it. Obviously the 4 cylinder being the cheaper option.


I’m also curious as to what this will do to MKIV values, if anything at all. Mostly because I keep eyeing them wondering if I’ll ever be able to afford one and/or justify its price tag.


The reaction I’ve got from the new one so far doesn’t seem to great for what was projected when the project was announce. It leads me to feel the price of the old one will not just go up more. People will want the old over the new.


A little better, but still :thinking:


My thing is, if you’re going to do a predecessor to a car that was as good a s the Supra was, it has to be better or at least as good right? Like when they came out with the Ford GT a decade and a half ago or so. This one… just isn’t IMHO.


It’s not better in what way? Looks? Performance? Because on paper the performance is better in every way. Looks is subjective as is everything.