New Toyota Supra Speculation (FT-1)


My brief translation:

There will be 2 engine types. V6 ??L 350HP and 5L 430HP V8. The base model will be aimed for roughly $30,000. Looks like it will also be based off of the Altezza (IS) platform

Too bad those pics are soo small. . . can’t read anything :confused:

If the base is going to be only $30k. . .the top of the line probably won’t exceed $50k >.>;; Vette killer

EDIT: Looking at how the top comes down, looks like the same system that the SC430’s are using

My guess. . . a more sporty SC car using the Supra name. With a base model of $30k . . . man. . >.>;


does any one have large pics so he can read it.


i think i’m changing my mind about it after hearing the price… :tup:


yea it will probably be a lexus though…

hot nonetheless


the white version is the only one i’d like


totally different than the ones that are out now…but i like it, looks cool…
i wonder how much power it would put out though…

it does have similarities of a ferrari…id rock one.


i think its sharp :tup:


looks decent


its def. sick…v8 power is ghey tho…it def. needs to be TTv6 again or TTv8


These guys don’t think so:

#31 sooooooo hooott

Catback Exhuasts





I dont think they should bring back name plates that left with a strong following. i am glad that Nissan made the 350z as opposed to the 300zx again…understanding of course that nissan primarily names its sports cars after engine liters. But if you take a look at something like Malibu, Charger, Monte Carlo, GTO, alot of original and diehard fans of the nameplate were upset by what the car was reborn as. I just think that if you are going to created a new body, frame, engine, image to give it a fresh start. Obviously the Supra was/is Toyota’s trademark sports car so why bring the name back? hopefully not to live off the name brand and thinking that put an end to JDM supercars in the late 90’s. Mazda changed the image/name of the RX-7 to something so simple as the RX-8…so I say…brainstorm Toyota…u can do better than reuse a name plate. Call it the Supro or the Sopra or the Mrcelipra.




call it the speeding bar of soap


It’s ass ugly and will never come to the states, resembles nothing from the last gen. supras. Assuming this is actually for real, it should just be called something else.


Does Toyota make any sports cars?
Do they sell anything in Japan that isn’t sold here?

Question: How do you become the number one money making car company?

Answer: Don’t make a sports car.

Weird huh?


That does look really good actually…I hope it looks like this…sans wheels…


IT looks cool, i think i’d still prefer a MKIV.