New Toyota Supra Speculation (FT-1)


needs a little work yet (needs something, just cant put my finger on it)

I like it though


If it looks like the car in those pictures (which do look realistic IMHO) then it will be a nice replacement, but more than likely it’s not going to be like that at all.



ive seen pics like these before in another mag somewhere and i believe they said the price was going to be around $80,000 for the top of the line model. But things can change and this was about 6 months ago so. It will be nice competition tho for the new skyline coming.


So…Kia should be number one company soon, right? lol


looks more like an s2000…well the back of the conv one does

if it doesnt end up having that GIANT grill in the front, i like it



yeah, V8s are ghey… and all the fast Supras are running TTV6s… or if they are really fast they do a single turbo on their 3.4LV6…

V6s in Supras are so much hottAr


s2k + avalon


They made a V6 Supra??










TT I8 FTW!!:smiley:


What do u think about the new body style for the 09 supra? I think i kinda like it its just different. In the article I read there still not 100% sure if there gonna release it or not.


Not a fan, too many lines for me


I thought Toyota killed this off?


maybe… Honestly i have no clue the last thing I knew was that they were not sure… U may be correct


I believe they stopped it in like 1998 everywhere except Japan which they stopped in 2002 because of emissions.

Im deffinitly not a fan of this new one!




he was talking about the new car, not the previous generation