New Toyota Supra Speculation (FT-1)




Is this it???

Would sell the S2k and Legacy GT for this in a heart beat.


this is the only thing going on over the whole internet this morning it seems.


Must say though… The Kia concept looks fucking amazing!!! 315hp in a 2.0lt 2dr sports car by kia. I’m excited to see it in person if they do 100% produce what they are showing. (looks like an audi which I know they have the old designer)



I’ve never been a fan of the F1 style noes. This might grow on me…





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Up again



More info please!



Christ, I just wish there was a picture of this thing.


I know. I wish we knew what it looked like already!


Can we clear this thread up with all the photos posted of the same damn thing. lol

Did they select a motor for the car yet? I watched a video last night about the purpose built shaping of this car and the interior and all, but they stated they didn’t have a power plant selected for it and were going to be very strict on what they wanted to put into it.


Nothing said about the power plant. I’d assume it’ll be BMW based.