New Toyota Supra Speculation (FT-1)


The 2015 ecoboost mustang starts at $25k and comes with 300+HP/torque with an IRS under it! The best bang for your buck. The Toyota aka BMW supra will never happen just like the Honda NSX that bursted into flames lol


But its a shitty domestic with horrible interior quality


In its price range theres not a whole lot to pick from unless you want a Genesis and no one wants one of those. How many people on here own one? Not a lot of 25-30k sports cars to choose from, reason why I bought a 17 year old BMW


I wouldn’t be opposed to a Genesis coupe. They are pretty nice cars. RWD as well with options of a 2.0T or a 3.8L v6 pushing somewhere around 350hp or so. Again, for the price… not much out there. I think the 370z would be the next closest bang for the dollar but they are getting up there in price I believe as well.

I’m still interested in the eco mustang and the styling choice they went with on this version. Just wish it was a little less car. (I dont need it that big and heavy) That’s my personal preference.


Damn, now that thing looks like a race car. :tup:


Much better looking, oddly, in the gray. There was an early concept clay model somewhere that showed a much more conventional front fascia, similar to an aggressive FR-S. It really made the whole design more cohesive, instead of that stupid dickbutt nose it currently has.

From the sides and the rear, this thing is foxy as hell.


Bump, Toyota trademarked “Supra” in the states 2 years ago and just now in Europe.


So up until then it wasn’t trademarked? (or maybe it expired??)

My only comment is that brake pedal looks awfully chintzy to make it to production…


I will wait to call it a “Supra” till Toyota themselves call it one. They have said that they will not call it one unless it is deemed fit for the name. Meaning it needs to run its paces on tracks, roads, quality, Etc. The CEO iirc said it will not get the name till it is seen fit for the name. Updating a trademark just means they are able to use the name in the future if they so wish to but not that it 100% will be. Let’s just hope this is the next one but lives up to the name properly.


Not a fan of the front end of this at all. From the rear and sides it looks amazing. Kind of like that girl whos body you cant take your eyes off of, but face you cant stare at for more than a second or two. Tough place to be in haha. When is this supposed to be released in the us?


Nevuary 32nd.


I still want to see this happen.



I’d that an FT-86 or whatever the Toyota frs is?

Snapped similar, can’t tell of,it bigger though


Yeah I can’t tell either, but people are speculating about it so who knows.


400hp? Is that still the number? Don’t they make minivans with that much power now? Meh.


Come on, power to weight! We aren’t seeing a car being made by Dodge/Chrysler right now where it’s going to weigh +4000lbs as a 2door. No need for more hp if the car is light enough.


But Ford/Chevy are both taking weight out of their higher hp products

I hope this isn’t a giant disappointment like the FRS/BRZ


It really is nice to see them trying to shave weight, I’d love to see Dodge do that to the new Challengers as I grew up loving the old ones.

I also agree that I hope they at least show more care in the power department when producing this car. 400hp though is definitely not bad if the weight is under 3500lbs. I’m going to be under the assumption that it will be under powered from the factory with more room to go if you tune and do minor changes. If not, they are not transferring the name properly to the new generation Supra if they call it that.


The surpa is a legend, it should,have more than 400hp, unless they decide to have it compete with mustang or challenger and camaro, rather than competing with say the GTR