New Toyota Supra Speculation (FT-1)


I can’t see Toyota coming out with a +$90k Supra when they have the GT86 at $25k. I can see a $50-60k where as anything +$90k would probably be done with a Lexus badge.
How much HP does the new NSX have again? 550hp?


It is going to share the platform with the new BMW Z5:

The last Z4 was creeping up to 3500 lbs.

I’d like to see the Supra share engines with the Lexus IS (2.0 turbo, 2.5 V6, 3.5 V6 and hybrid). So would it be realistic to say a few hundred pounds lighter and $5k per engine option cheaper vs. the comparable IS model?



It looks like a late 90s Prelude with a body kit.


hahahaha spot on.


i like it … of course the production version will look different and more refined anyway. The spyshot front end doesn’t have the “body kit”-like front bumper.


I like everything but the front bumper.


Soon… ?


Though I’m doubting it, I really hope that the car they have been showing like crazy is actually not the next Supra and instead they’ve been working on something else. One more resembling the FT-1 they showed at a previous auto show.


I would love a new supra but whatever concept car I’ve been seeing pictures of that claims to be the next supra looks like shit. So I hope its not gonna look like that.


Bump for the Geneva Auto Show.

Race version will be on display:


Now what’s it going to look like without all the racing stuff:


Not bad with the racing stuff, I think they watered down the dick nose on the front of it compared to the original concept.


I see potential in that.


This could be cool. I hope it isn’t too watered down and Toyota like.

FYI The Camaro SS is [RIGHT]3,685 lbs and 455hp.


Toyota Supra gets turbocharged inline-six, no manual transmission
Look for a low center-of-gravity and a 50:50 weight distribution


Whelp, looks like another year…

The official Twitter account for Toyota in the United Kingdom came in with yet another letdown about the new Supra in response to a fan: The road-going one won’t even be revealed until next year. And that’s just the reveal, which comes before the car ever goes on sale.


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Gonna be like the GT-R:

Interviewer: By the way, is MT prepared for the next SUPRA?

Mr. Tada: At the moment, it is not; it is just a dual clutch transmission. I think whether it is not fun if MT is a large power car like the next SUPRA. Raising the torque of the engine will make the shift feel worse. If so, it is very doubtful whether MT specification is necessary. However, I think that there is a meaning of MT adoption if it is said that even general people will taste the sequential type transmission installed in the racing car.


Waiting for the Paris Auto Show in October…

Published on the SupraMKV forums, this information allegedly comes from a reliable source. They proclaim that the 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six cylinder engine will produce 335 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque, figures which have been speculated on in the past.

Of more interest is an alleged starting price of roughly $63,500 in the United States. If true, that MSRP would put the Supra almost perfectly in the middle of the entry-level Porsche 718 Cayman that starts at $56,900 and the more powerful 718 Cayman S which is available from $69,300. Positioning the new Supra against the Cayman is a brave move by Toyota and is perhaps a sign of just how confident the Japanese carmaker is in its new flagship.