NYSpeed is a bunch of stuck up rich boys

Umm, can we get a list of cars we hate so that way when I’m on another forum and someone asks what I think I can have a proper response?


what a tool

:clap: to me.

dont forget that most of the guys on here are really gay to but hide it, cough layzie

Be honest, your VW was modded so it was not that big a stretch for you to go from a fast sedan to a SUV.

I knew every one here was just kidding about my Vee Dub, how could you not like it.

Vee Dubs make baby Jesus cry end of story. (no hate)

I respect all autos, just dont tell me look at my mods and show me neons and friggen stickers! :spank:

Hmm i didn’t know I loved Neons so much.

I want to be a rich stuck up boy.

Im working on it, you want in?

“NYSpeed represent!”

Fucking seriously? Take that shit out of your sig, please.

Damn “richers” ruining our forum…

buffalo area and rich are two terms that just don’t go too well together

It all depends on how you define rich.


@ somedude plugging his car


Fucking nyspeed e thugging hard

I’m still not rich

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lol solid bump.