NYSpeed Logo T-Shirts & Hoodies!


Did you not read the first post?


$50 for a hoodie is just too much IMO



I need to start replenishing my shirts/hoodies…glad I saw this thread. :tup:


Hoodies were offered by Howie / zwarbyt‎ at a cheaper price years ago but were pre-pay only at that price…


Could we have done this cheaper, yes. But people just don’t want to pre-pay and wait for others in order to get them cheaper.

Buy a t-shirt instead :slight_smile:


Does this mean the first batch from '07 are worth money now? Might have to pawn mine…


Email I got from RedBubble lol:

Shirt Came in. Soft, nice, good quality.

Nice touch Josh


Damn I missed your updated post. That shipped fast :tup:

If you buy 4 t-shirts you get free shipping FYI.

Waiting for mine to come in still.


New style:


I’m having too much fun with this, lol.




LOL, I actually like it.

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I need more NYSpeed memes to make into shirts!


I’m a little pissed I want a hoodie but I need 3xl ( I like them big so I can wear other shirts like 2 under them to be comfortable) but the largest size is 2xl? Wtf lol I’m being forced to loose weight to fit into a hoodie?

You should have a hoodie that says I got banded from NYSPEED and am a troll now lmfao!


There is a print shop on southpark ave in lackawanna… i had them make some shirts for me once, black shirts were 5$ each and whites were 4$ if i remember correctly… i want to say they were called park avenue prints?

If you guys really want these shirts someone should man up and just buy 200$ worth and turn a profit on the side… way easier than wasting money at that website IMO.

The fact that you can customize the shirts is kinda nice though…


This community has tried your suggested method 3 or 4 times over the years. It has never been easier than this. No one gets the colors or sizes they want, etc. but I’ve already been over the advantages of doing things this way, see my posts above.

Who remembers the whole “Toda took my hoodie money to pay for his turbo kit” crap?


Lol get the hell out of here that really happen or was it a hype?


lol at the pillows shirt


Got a bunch in the mail this week:


Haha. I love it. :tup:


It’s yours Paulo next time I see you :tup: