NYSpeed Logo T-Shirts & Hoodies!


AHAHAHAHAH awesome shirt.

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AHAHAHAHAH awesome shirt.

Wearing mine right now




Good quality, yes?


Yeah great quality, bright colors. :tup:

I really like the full color logo / shirt. It looks store-bought :tup:


Ok, who’s buying up ‘Do you squirt’ stickers? :slight_smile:




Ladies and Gentlemen, IanK.


replace the boots with a megaphone


Bump for those asking about shirts :tup:

I need to make a few more of these.

And surprisingly, the “Do you squirt” shirts are selling quite well, lol.


I think title sponsors should get a free t-shirt. Maybe in gray classic logo XL…

EDIT: I should be careful or I’ll be wearing a “do you squirt” around Williamsville!!


you sig made me lol pretty hard


Just made a new one for 2013…


… some of you will get it, lol.

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Also, in case people haven’t figured it out they can choose any color not just the default one shown.