Porsche Synthetic Fuels Keep Classics On The Road

Makes sense. If electric replaces everything, how are you going to keep your classic 911 effectively on the road? Maybe we’ll see other “craft” fuels pop up similar to the craft beer craze.


… about $37 per gallon. His team is working on bringing costs down to below $2 per liter.

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Always wondered about this. I wouldn’t just say classics, but any car that anyone wants to keep on the road years from now as we move away from petroleum.

I expect gasoline to be around longer than I will be, and probably longer than my kid will be.

Maybe here in NY. More likely it’ll disappear in CA. Especially when they’re doing this:

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I couldn’t care less what happens in CA.

Let it fuckin burn.

Natural gas is our best energy value!

That’s what the commercials say anyways

No more gas Hondas soon?