Rare old AWD Hot Hatch. check it out(and an RX-7)

figured i’d show you guys this rare hot hatch I picked up a few months ago, she’s coming along and almost ready to go back on the road.

she’s an 88 323 GTX, 5 speed AWD 1.6L turbo with a locking center diff. mazda’s version of the WRX, before there was a WRX. it goes well in the driveway with the STI anyway.

Always thought these cars were cool, never thought i’d see one let alone get the chance to own one.

100% stock when i got it,save the radio. amazing its survived this long

also if anyone remembers the FB rx7 I had, I got rid of that also and got a full bridgeport FC RX-7, so that should be fun next summer.

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I remember seeing one of these Hondas when I worked at Valvoline 13 years ago. No power steering correct?? Looks good! What are your plans?





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Jesus I read that sentence way too fast lmao! I thought hatch said Honda :joy:

it has power steering, mechanically the engine and trans are great.

as of now i’ve either replaced or am in the process of replacing:

rear upper shock mounts with camber plates(no OEM replacement available)
custom shocks all the way around with mr-2 inserts(no OEM)
ground control coilovers, have two sets of springs with different rates, going to see which works for me(also no OEM replacement option)
drilled rotors all the way around
new pads
inner and outer bearings all 4 corners
gauge cluster(digital one was burnt out, have an analog waiting to swap in)
saved my nardi wheel from the RX-7, thats already on the 323
ditching the airbox and have a cone filter adapter for the MAF

once these things are done i’ll put it on the road and then its gonna go into another garage for some rust repair, she’s got a little rot in a couple places underneath. nothing we shouldn’t be able to patch up though.

probably recover the front seats as they have a few rips in them, replace the carpet as i’m sure we are going to destroy it when welding the floor.

i think thats about it, so a big list. all good though i got the car for an amazing deal from an exes father. he just wanted the car to go to someone who wouldn’t part it out or junk it as the parts are worth more than the car as a whole

Love both of these! Get some real wheels on that FC asap!

We still have a build section??

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I already have a set of BBS vert rx7 wheels, 5 lug hubs and the 4 pot brakes for it off of a TII, that will be happening before next summer along with new suspension and such. needs tuning and a bunch of other things i’d like to do before i register it

think in the end the wheels that are on the rx7 now, may go on to the 323, we shall see i haven’t checked offset yet

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Solid, those BBS will look so much better. I have been an RX-7 fanboy my whole life. Obviously would love to own an FD but I’ve been tempted to look at FC and FBs for something more affordable.

this is my 4th, have owned 3 FB’s and now this FC.

I love them, i’m not sure why but i just do. then again I enjoy cars that aren’t what everyone else has, most people have no idea how a rotary engine works and that it even exists in cars. my mother still doesn’t know what i go on about when i try to explain the differences. she just knows its loud and smelly haha

the FB’s were fun but there’s only so much you can do with a recirc ball steering setup. suspension is the same, its dated. on top of the fact my last one was clean enough and low enough miles i would have felt bad doing any sort of modifications to it.

Right there with ya, definitely have an appreciation for those unique cars. Those 323s are few and far between. Keep this thread updated with the progress, would love to see more pics.

its almost crazy the response the 323 gets, i was talking about it with some of the guys in the rx7 discord. they were shocked as hell and all excited over it hah

the fb’s were a blast to own, the number of people that would stop me in parking lots and gas stations was unreal. everyone over the age of 30 knows someone that owned one at some point and has some crazy story about almost dying in one, or something along those lines.