Solar City Buffalo


A Buffalo Billion bust in Syracuse

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s original plan to redevelop the former Republic Steel site in South Buffalo included Soraa, a California based company that manufactures high efficiency lights. Soraa and Silevo, a solar panel manufacturer, were going to occupy a factory at Riverbend, built at taxpayer expense under the Buffalo Billion program.

SolarCity, owned by Elon Musk, bought out Silevo and the state and Soraa decided to locate the lighting plant in Syracuse. Some $90 million in state funds were spent to build the factory in exchange for a promise of 420 jobs. Like the SolarCity project, the Syracuse plant was ensnared by bidding irregularities that resulted in federal corruption charges against development officials.

On Tuesday, state officials announced that Soraa is walking away from the plant as it nears completion, and will pay no penalty for doing so. State development officials want to earmark another $15 million to recruit another tenant to the building.

Did Buffalo dodge a bullet? Or does the SolarCity project represent an even bigger risk for taxpayers?

The state wound up spending $750 million dollars to build the plant at Riverbend for SolarCity, which was bought late last year by Tesla. The plant was completed more than a year ago, but the company is behind schedule ramping up its operation. It continues to lose both money and market share, and the solar industry as a whole is struggling.

And two years ago, Tesla got the state to agree to modify its escape clause on the Buffalo plant in ways that would make it easier to walk away from the facility.


I read this article this morning and it is becoming blatenly obvious that Cuomo will be best known for filling the pockets of his construction cronies across the state.

Bid rig state contracts to favor certain contractors using government funds. When you’re caught, find a scapegoat, close the business down and have an auction where you sell the assets at outrageous prices.

But Schumer is too busy talking about how the tax bill is going to hurt the middle class…

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Maybe Cuomo could put up some more signs along the highways to try and promote NY State to bring in new businesses…


Hummm… solid article.

Ten days after Scott was let go, Musk had tweeted a goofy picture of himself posing with what looked like a machine gun. Scott retweeted the image and called Musk a clown… around 10 p.m., his phone rang. The call was from an unmarked number. Scott answered… “It’s the clown,” the person at the other end informed him… For the next 20 minutes, he recalls, he and his former employer had a civil conversation.

“For $750 million, we’re getting jobs that pay $2 an hour more than Aldi’s,” says Robinson.

By next April, Tesla is required to start paying an annual fine of $41.2 million if it fails to employ 1,460 people at the Buffalo plant. Tesla says it currently has 636 employees statewide in New York, including 329 at the plant

Whats wrong with me that I read all of this and still think that someday I’ll see these roofs installed everywhere just like I see model 3s everywhere?

I remember when I put in my solar and everyone was seriously asking me, “What, you’re not getting that Tesla solar roof instead of panels?”.

I agree with his ex-employee. Guy is a clown. I’ll give him credit for finding a way to get super rich at tax payers expense though.

I still want the solar roof, even understanding that it’s not the most efficient. But the stories of people giving them money and them not delivering are shitty… That, and their normal panels starting Walmart roofs on fire… :fire:

Yea I want them too, when they announced the deal with Home Depot I was stoked. Now I’ve repaired my roof twice while I wait.

The amount of fan-boying that happens with this guy is ludicrous.

No, he didn’t start Tesla. He bought into Tesla and it’s been hemorrhaging money ever since.

Yes, he can land a rocket back on a launch pad in the middle of the ocean. NASA designed, executed and abandoned that technology 30+ years ago.

He literally hasn’t executed a thing. Big talk, no delivery. I’ll be living on Mars before you get your solar panels and it won’t be Musk who got me there.


I def have noticed year after year more Teslas on the road. Used to be one every couple of months, now 2-3 a day.

Whatever the outcome of the plant, I hope it’s a good one.

It was surprising to read that he’s been to the plant only once, and surprising that we didn’t even know about it at the time.

Holy hell. WTF is going on over there?

black employees frequently overheard white employees using the n-word and where white workers got promoted over more qualified black and Hispanic workers.

I don’t know anyone there so I can’t comment. Surprised this didn’t make headlines.

Before we all get a bit toooooooooooooo out of touch here:

I see/hear my students, white and black, use that word ALLLLLL DAYYYY LONG like it’s not a fucking problem. I teach predominantly “urban” students and it’s so much more common than you think. They honestly don’t even know when they are swearing because it’s how every ghetto parent acts. So when you hire a bunch of city of buffalo residents to work for low wages…well yep, that’s the language you get.

And in regards to the white workers getting hired over blacks? Show me their qualifications that make them the better candidate. Just because you work for the company doesn’t mean you’re automatically guaranteed to promote up. My brother works at Tesla and has co-workers that show up high, show up drunk, get hired and fired the same day (both white and black).


I like to quit while I’m in the interview

I’ve actually had this happen. We do a paid, working interview. Some people are just looking to go to a few interviews here and there to keep their unemployment going. So when I tell them they’ll get paid for being there, I’ll get the “oh wait, I don’t think I can do this” line. Saves time though, lol

Fucking people are scumbags

Came across this this past weekend snowboarding. Two kids on the chairlift behind us blasting music from their backpack. When the “N word” came, both of them shouted it. I thought both were white without turning around so I used that little kid meme and said, “That’s racist” only to get off the chair to find a white and black kid both on that chair. lol Guess white kids can use this term a lot easier these days. I feel I’m going to get cold-cocked if I even mutter. lol