SOLD: 2017 Ford F-150 Supercrew Lariat FX4

Your Location / Item Location: Amherst
You Contact (Real) Name: Mike
Preferred Contact Method (PM, Email, Phone): PM
Price (If Applicable) & Currency (USD or CAN): $41000 USD

Posting this up for a family friend who unfortunately their spouse passed away. Truck was purchased brand new, is paid off, and title is clean. Currently has 25k miles and still being driven. Has the Lariat and FX4 packages. Still under warranty! Serious inquiries only please. PM me and I can arrange to show the truck.

Price is definitely negotiable here. I’m not too familiar with truck pricing but I know she would like to get this moved. $100 finders fee if you can send me a buyer.

If only it wasn’t white. I’ll never buy another white truck again.

I hear ya, white is a tough sell. Looking to aggressively move this, otherwise it’s going to get traded in. If you know anyone looking for a great deal on a truck, get in touch with me.

Looks like this will be traded in Monday…will update once it’s official.

Could always get a quote from Carmax for selling it to them if she’s not looking to trade on another car. I’m guessing they lowball pretty bad though.

She was planning to buy new all along, just was not expecting as good of an offer as she got for trading in.

I tried that, dealer gave me 4k more than carmax.
Used car market is hot right now through dealers, makes sense she got good money on the trade. Nice truck. Traded for new raptor?

Lol no raptor. She’s getting money back out of this deal, and landing a brand new CRV. She has no need for a truck.

And this truck is gone!